Classified TrainingⅡ分类训练二


时代英语·高一 2023年8期



The disease had slowed me down. Then my granddaughter sent a cat to me. Honestly speaking, I fell in love with the cute little thing _____1_____ when I first saw her.

“Ill _____2_____ you Rainbow,” I said with a smile.

The next day I _____3_____ some cat food and two toy mice in a pet shop. Rainbow went crazy over those _____4_____: she got them stuck under the desk or the sofa. Then she wouldnt _____5_____ meowing (喵喵叫)

until I got them back for her. Shed bring the mice to me and demand that I throw them for her over and over again—she never felt _____6_____. She couldnt feel the pain in my _____7_____.

Rainbow always got into trouble. She kept knocking over my plants or _____8_____ my cups. I had to deal with the “_____9_____” all the time. My back _____10_____ with all the ups and downs of trying to keep up with Rainbow. But what was I supposed to do? I couldnt bear the _____11_____ of sending her away.

One day, I felt there was something _____12_____ on my cheek. Rainbow, licking (舔) me, wanted breakfast. “OK, I get the _____13_____,” I said. I tried to lower my body to put her _____14_____ in the bowl on the floor, _____15_____ pain to spread from my back through my body. But it didnt. I felt _____16_____.

After she finished eating, I bent (彎腰) down and _____17_____ her bowl without having to hold on to the desk. She looked up at me and meowed, as if to say, “See? Im just _____18_____ what the doctor ordered!”

Three years later, Rainbow still kept me moving and I began to _____19_____ her play. I didnt want a cat, but someone knew I _____20_____ one.

1. A. calmly B. slowly C. secretly D. immediately

2. A. consider B. show C. call D. offer

3. A. found B. bought C. made D. borrowed

4. A. mice B. cats C. pets D. games

5. A. mind B. stop C. remember D. practice

6. A. confused B. frightened C. bored D. surprised

7. A. mouth B. eye C. head D. back

8. A. breaking B. using C. hiding D. seeking

9. A. suggestions B. expressions C. accidents D. diets

10. A. changed B. improved C. bent D. ached

11. A. preparation B. idea C. joke D. freedom

12. A. wet B. cold C. painful D. wrong

13. A. guidance B. answer C. instruction D. message

14. A. water B. food C. toy D. medicine

15. A. expecting B. allowing C. getting D. causing

16. A. happier B. warmer C. better D. stronger

17. A. handed in B. got out C. gave away D. picked up

18. A. describing B. predicting C. doing D. checking

19. A. support B. enjoy C. respect D. design

20. A. needed B. trusted C. shared D. saved


Out of a home bakery in Bowie, Maryland, a young businessman gives one cupcake away to someone in need, for each one he sells. Behind the operation (活动) is 14-year-old Michael Platt. He runs a company _____21_____ model is based on another company of charity.

Platt recently got _____22_____ order for a few dozen cupcakes, and as promised, he doubled the order and packed up the extra cupcakes to bring to _____23_____ (home) people on the streets. Now, he focuses _____24_____ his business and charity, hoping to open several grocery (食品杂货) _____25_____ (store) for people who want to shop for affordable things. As if _____26_____ (run) the bakery and charity is not enough, Platt partners with No Kid Hungry and _____27_____ (raise) money for the organization which helps children in need of food.

On top of all of that, Platt gave a TED talk on being a young businessman. “Kids can do what they love to do and also be able to help people,” he said. “If everyone does what they can _____28_____ (end) a problem that theyre _____29_____ (interest) in, then the problem will end.” The audience were _____30_____ (great) inspired by his story.

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