疯狂英语·新读写 2023年5期

广东 卢茜雅

指导老师 谯 丽

Saltwater Song is traditional folk music in Zhongshan which enjoys great popularity among Tanzhou,Sanjiao,Minzhong and other towns.

The origin of Saltwater Song can be traced back to the late Ming and early Qing dynasties when people led such a poor life on the sea that their boats were their rooms and the sea was their land.They made their living by fishing and were exposed to the sun and rain all the year.Faced with such a terrible living environ-ment, they sang to cheer themselves up.Gradually, although they didn't need to go out to fish on the sea,the song was passed down and people still sing it as a way to amuse and relax themselves when they work on the farm.

Saltwater Song has a variety of forms, including long and short sentences of Saltwater Song, Gaotang Song, Da Zhu Song, Gu Mei Song, Tan Jia Jie, etc.It created and performed spontaneously with rhymes,which shows the intelligence of local farmers.

However, with the foreign culture flowing in, more and more younger generations are not interested in Saltwater Song, which puts it at the risk of disappearing.In order to protect it, it was listed in the first batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage List in May,2006.Besides, with the support of the government, lots of activities about Saltwater Song are held and many inheritors begin to emerge.With all these methods, it is gradually gaining more attention nowadays.



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