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I recently spoke with Marc Brown,the award-winning creator of Arthur.He published the first title in the series,Arthur's Nose,in 1976.The idea came from a bedtime story Brown had told his son.Since then,Brown has published more than 25 books.The series features a group ofcharacters who learn about respect,tolerance,friendship,hard work,patience,and other valuable traits(特征).

Brown hasjustpublished anew book,Believe in Yourself:WhatWe Learned from Arthur.It celebrates the characters many kids have grown up with,sharing inspiring lessons about overcoming difficulties and bridging differences.

“Kids probably like Arthur because he feels like a real kid.He makes mistakes,fights with his sister,and sometimes he'll do bad things,but he learns from them.We see Arthur learning from his mistakes,and that makes him feel like a real kid.Most of all,Arthur has a good heart.He's a good person,even though he's not perfect(完美),” Brown said.

Brown always brings a new character to life through writing.“All of the ideas for the books and TV shows come from real life.I encourage kids who are interested in becoming writers or illustrators(插图画家)to keep a sketchbook.Every day,write something down that feels important to you.Then have fun with it,or draw something.”

Meanwhile,Brown's characters accept responsibility and tell the truth.“The truth is so important,especially for kids.You're building your lives on a foundation(基础)right now,as you're growing,” he said.

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