疯狂英语·新阅版 2022年1期


Step 1 感知·阅读导航

Ⅰ. 1. Peter Pan. An adventure film/A fantasy film.

2. Peter Pan. Wendy, Michael and John are Peter Pans friends and Captain Hook is Peter Pans enemy. The film is mainly about a boy who wouldnt grow up and his adventure to Neverland with his friends.

3. Any answer can be possible as long as it makes sense.

Ⅱ. 1. T   2. T   3. T   4. T   5. T

Step 2 理解·文本解讀

Ⅰ. It is a book review of the novel Peter Pan.

Ⅱ. 1. introduction   2. plot   3. setting

4. theme 5. evaluation

Ⅲ. 1. It is an adventure novel by James Matthew Barrie. The author was inspired to write the story of Peter by the Davies children, whom Barrie adopted after the death of their parents, Sylvia and Arthur. He hoped that his story could amuse two of the boys, George and Jack.

2. Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael, John and Captain Hook. Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael and John are four children, who are friends exploring Neverland. However, Captain Hook, the evil leader of the pir?ates, is the childrens enemy.

3. He has the inborn ability to fly. He teaches the kids Wendy, Michael, and John to fly and persuades them to fly to Neverland with him, which turns out to be an adventure.

4. They are in danger of being killed by their enemy Captain Hook.

5. Peter Pan wouldnt grow up, for which he gives up Wendy and the fri?endship of the Lost Boys. He even tries to achieve his own goal at the risk of others life. This shows that Peter Pan is a selfish and irresponsible child despite the fact that he has almost physically grown. He is just a mentally immature child and does not fulfill his job in shouldering the responsibility and love as an adult.

Ⅳ. 1. distances 2. relief/comfort

3. reflect/meditate 4. conflict 5. values  6. innocence

Ⅴ. Any answer can be possible. But one recommended version can go as follows.

The true meaning of growing up is to grow both physically and mentally. On the way to growing up, everyone will meet with a chain of unexpected challenges and setbacks, which is an indispensable part of life and makes the meaning of success complete, realistic and unforgettable. No one can refuse to grow up, nor can they escape the realities of everyday life because there is  actually no Utopia, a fantasy world in the world. What makes the process of growing up is the res?ponsibility we shoulder, the love for others as well as the original aspiration we hold onto.

To truly grow up, we should learn to remember, to let go and to move on. Firstly, we remember those staying with us and helping us to stay grateful and remember our dream to be enthusiastic. Secondly, we let go of the misfortune and adversities to stay positive and hopeful about a better tomorrow. Additionally, we keep moving on, making all the suffering our stepping stones to embrace a better self. Only when our attitude towards growing up changes, can we truly wipe out the demons within our heart and our life begins to make a difference. Otherwise, we will always remain a never?grow?up boy like Peter Pan.

Step 3 运用·读写整合

Read everlasting classics

and grow together

Reading everlasting classics makes a full man, and allows us to grow up both physically and mentally. Among many masterpieces I have read, the one I like best is Peter Pan, an adventure novel by James Matthew Barrie. The novel, based on the authors personal experience, narrates the path of Peter Pans growth. It is ins?tructive in that it interprets the endless childhood and childlike innocence within some adults hearts, which often brings me back to my own childhood. Also, it is instructive in that it always reminds me to stay enthusiastic, naive and responsible whatever happens to me.

If I have the opportunity to recom?mend a book to you, theres no better book other than Peter Pan. So just walk into a book store, buy one copy and take it home to enjoy.


Reading Check

Ⅰ. 1~4   CBBB

Ⅱ. Any answer can be possible as long as it makes sense.

Language Study

1. out   2. different   3. communicate

4. interest 5. eager 6. chat with


Reading Check

Ⅰ. 1~4   BBDA

Ⅱ. Any answer can be possible as long as it makes sense.

Language Study

Ⅱ. 1. over 2. Little 3. around

4. sacrifices 5. the Spring Festival

6. track 7. other


Reading Check

Ⅰ. 1~4   DBBC

Ⅱ. 1. unsigned 2. optional 3. fortune 4. solemn  5. equivalent 6. relationship 7. birthdays 8. even 9. crisp 10. Coins

Language Study

1. envelope 2. decorated 3. out 4. used

5. equivalent 6. relative


Reading Check

Ⅰ. 1~4  DDBD

Ⅱ. 1. third 2. ethnic 3. intangible

4. attitudes 5. fields 6. together

7. Dancing   8. festival 9. culture

10. solidarity

Language Study

1. cultural 2. lunar 3. dress 4. pass

5. fields 6. part


Reading Check

Ⅰ. 1~4   CADD

Ⅱ. Any answer can be possible as long as it makes sense.

Language Study

1. Mid?Autumn   2. regard   3. folk

4. harvest 5. emphasis   6. interpersonal   7. identity 8. depend


Good afternoon, everyone. May I have your attention, please?

As the New Year is around the corner, we are going to hold a New Year party for you in Room 101 of the Teaching Building from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm next Friday in order to help you to better understand Chinese culture. During the party, youll learn how to make Chinese dumplings. Besides, you will also compete with each other to see how skilled you are at using chopsticks.

Please make sure you wont miss it. Thank you for your attention.


Reading Check

Ⅰ. 1~4   CADB

Ⅱ. Childhood experience, education, works, adult life and death.

Language Study

My favorite wirter

My favorite writer is James Matthew Barrie from Scotland, who was born on May 9, 1860 and died on June 19, 1937. Deeply influenced by his mothers adv?enture stories, he became an outstanding novelist of all kids. After receiving a good education at Glasgow Academy and the University of Edinburgh, he moved to London in 1885, where his career started. His adult life was never smooth. Having no child and being a little short, he placed all his hope in his works like Peter Pan, which is one of the best?loved books of all time.

If you want to read about literature, there is no better choice other than Peter Pan. Only when you have read this masterpiece, will you truly grow up and realize the true meaning of life: shoul?dering your responsibility and keeping to your original aspiration.


Reading Check

1~4 BDCA


Reading Check

Ⅰ. Sorting the elements

1. Narration   2. a professor

3. a poor man 4. field   5. shoes

6. trick 7. coin   8. surprised

Ⅱ. Analyzing the characters personalities

1. ashamed   2. poor   3. kind

4. hard?working

Ⅲ. Exploring the theme

It tells about a professor who ins?tructed his student to be kind to the poor by asking him to put a coin into each shoe of the poor man.

The author may want to tell us it is better to give than to get.


Paragraph 1:

To his great astonishment, he gazed at the coin, turned it round, and looked at it again and again. He couldnt believe his eyes! He raised his head and looked around, but no person was there. He put the money into his pocket, and continued to put on the other shoe. His surprise doubled when he found the second coin! He fell upon his knees, looking up to the sky and crying, “Thank goodness! With these two coins, my poor sick wife could go to see a doctor at last.” He was so touched that tears rolled down his cheeks.

Paragraph 2:

Watching how their small action had

helped the poor man, the student stood there deeply affected, and his eyes filled with tears. Without hesitation, he went straight to the moved man, and helped him up. He took out all the money he had and gave it to the man. “I am the one who put the coins into your shoes. And I hope the money can help your family out of trouble.” Hearing this, the man bowed to the student with heartfelt gratitude. Seeing this, the professor patted gently on his students shoulder, saying, “My friend, now you get it. It is better to give than to get. ”

你是 “分享控” 嗎?

Reading Check

Any answer can be possible as long as it makes sense.


Reading Check

I can go anywhere. I can wander thr?ough woodland with no fixed plan or route and just immerse myself in the forest atmosphere.


Reading Check

By the end of this century.

第19章   未知的危险

Reading Check

Firstly, I was in danger of being killed by the monster. Secondly, people could wrongly consider me to be the murder of a man who was killed the night before, for which I would be sentenced.

第20章   极度惩罚

Reading Check

It implies that I was going through a tough period. I blamed the death of William, Justine, and Henry on myself because these people were murdered by the monster I created. I should be res?ponsible for their death and I was deeply immersed in remorse and pain.

第21章   艰难的抉择

Reading Check

Any answer can be possible as long as it makes sense.


第一部分   阅读




1~3   CBA



4~7   DCBB


本文是一篇说明文,讲述了母亲节的真正的来源。母亲节最早是由西弗吉尼亚州的安娜·贾维斯(Anna Jarvis)创立的,是用来纪念母亲们为孩子们辛勤付出的节日。

8~11   ABCD



12~15   BACC



16~20   GEBCA

第二部分  语言运用



21~25   DBABD   26~30  BCACA

31~35   BCBAD



36. symbolizing   37. as 38. varieties

39. shaped   40. are hung   41. to

42. to have become 43. southern

44. has   45. an

第三部分 寫作


Dear Rick,

Id like to introduce some basic facts about the Dragon Boat Festival to you in response to your last letter.

The Dragon Boat Festival falls on May 5th in the lunar calendar. People celebrate this festival in memory of Qu Yuan, who was a Chinese poet. Besides, people in China will also hold varieties of activities to honor him, such as dragon boat racing, eating zongzi and so on.

Since youve got a much clearer understanding of the Dragon Boat Festival after my introduction, I sincerely invite you to China to experience traditional Chinese festivals by yourself. I am sure that you will have a wonderful time with me.

Looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua


Paragraph 1:

At first, Kayla felt disappointed at her parents plan for the holiday. How eagerly she wanted to go out to play with her friends! She was against the annoying plan from the bottom of her heart, but she had no choice. First, Kayla was arranged to wash the breakfast dishes. After that, she was asked to give their puppy a bath. She knew it was a hard task, which needed a lot of tiring, careful and patient work. She had begun the work with great unwillingness.

Paragraph 2:

But things began to change as she was doing the chores. Brushing the puppy, she found it was a lot of fun with so many soap bubbles. Then it was on to yard work where Kayla helped to pick up sticks. She pretended the small sticks were basketballs, and shot them into a large trash can. So the work was done with great pleasure. Kayla felt proud to see how much better the yard looked. When she finished her meaningful chores, Kayla enjoyed relaxing in her tree house. The lemonade tasted wonderful after a hard day of work.