Wonderful forest bathing 美妙的森林浴


疯狂英语·新阅版 2022年1期


源自日本的 “森林浴” 概念如今受到世界各地越来越多人的喜爱。一些专家认为,在树林里散步可以帮助人们改善身体健康和提升幸福感。

How do you relax after a stressful day in the office? There are many ways to refresh yourself, but the best solution lies in the great outdoors. It takes a little effort to get there, but it undoubtedly makes you relaxed. It is forest bathing.

Forest bathing dates from the 1980s in Japan, when it was introduced as a na?tional health programme by the countrys government. Stressed Japanese workers are today still relaxing and reconnecting with nature. The Forest Therapy Society has 62 forest therapy sites in the country and the forest bathing movement is also spreading in other parts of the world. Going for a walk in the woods is said to have a soothing effect.

If youre worried that bathing involves stripping off your clothes, dont be! This is about taking time to wander through woodland with no fixed plan or route. Just immerse yourself in the forest atmosphere. Some health experts have said that having this exposure to nature seems to promote well?being and thats particularly good for people with mental health issues. A study conducted in 24 forests across Japan found that walking among trees lowered blood pressure and the pulse rate. It also found that forest bathing can boost our immune (免疫力的) systems.

Another study carried out a few years ago by Stanford University found similar benefits. Brain scans showed reduced activity in an area of the brain linked to the risk of mental illness in participants(参加者) who took a 90?minute walk among oaks, birds and squirrels. Theres increasing evidence which seems clear that forest bathing is a shot in the arm for stressed?out workers. So now is the time to get out and lose yourself in the natural environment!


Where should you go in a forest to benefit from forest bathing?