Do you share too much online? 你是 “分享控”吗?


疯狂英语·新阅版 2022年1期


什么是 “分享过度”?你怎么判断自己是否分享得太多了呢?本文围绕人们是否在网络上过度分享展开了讨论。

We live in an age where discussing our feelings is encouraged. But when does it all become too much? When can sharing become oversharing on social media?

What is oversharing? The term has become associated with social media, but it isnt limited to this platform. Imagine you head to a party and you meet someone. Within five minutes, they have given many details about their personal life. While some of us may try to esc?ape these people, according to marriage therapist Carolyn Cole, this form of oversharing could come from a strong desire to connect with someone. But how does this translate to social media?

Dr Christopher Hand, a lecturer in cyberpsychology(网络心理学), says the more details people disclose, the less sympathy(同情心) we express when things go wrong. This could be due to a belief that the more we are attracted by our own bad experiences, the more we share them. It seems that the idea of searching for sympathy by oversharing, is generally thought as negative rather than the cry for help it could actually be.

However, Dr Hands research also seems to suggest that the more we post on a platform, the more socially attractive we become—provided that the posts that we hurriedly let out are positive. We should avoid complaining and being negative online. We should also avoid showing off or talking proudly, as its now known—especially about our love lives.

So, how can you know if you are oversharing? Well, why not ask your friends in real life? They would probably be more than happy to tell you if your posts about your breakfast or your gripes about your lack of money really are too much.


How can you avoid oversharing as a student?