Try to Think Yourself into the Role


考试与评价·高二版 2021年3期


Imagination and fantasy can play an important role in achieving the things we fear. Children know this very well. Fred Epstein, in his book I Make It to Five, tells a story he heard from one of his friends about Tom, a four-year-old boy with a cancer in his back bone. He came through several operations and a lot of pain by mastering his imagination.

Tom loved to pretend, and he particularly loved to play superheroes. Dr. Epstein explained that it was actually a brilliant way for his young mind to handle the terrifying and painful life he led.

The day before his third trip to the operating room, Tom was terribly afraid. “Maybe I could go as Superman,” he whispered to his mom. Hearing this, the mother hesitated for a while. She has avoided buying the expensive costume①, but finally she agreed.

The next day Tom appeared as the powerful Superman, showing off through the hospital halls and coolly waving his hand to the people greeting him along the way. And Tom, with the strength of his fantasy, successfully made it through the operation.

The power of imagination need not be reserved for children only. We all have the power to use our fantasies to attempt things we never thought possible, to go through those things that seem impossible, and to achieve what we never believed we could. Just as Dr. Epstein puts it, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

It doesnt mean that you should dress as a superhero for your next job interview. But, next time you are tested in a way that seems impossible, imagine what it would take to overcome it. Become the person you need to become to win over your challenge and do it in your mind first. So, let your imagination run wild, and dare to dream.

Choose the best answer.

1. What do we know about Tom?

A. He was seriously ill.

B. He was a dishonest boy.

C. He was crazy about magic.

D. He was Dr. Epsteins son.

2. What can be inferred about Toms mother?

A. She was a rich lady.

B. She refused Toms request.

C. She wanted Tom to be a superhero.

D. She wanted to get Tom through the pain.

3. When Tom went for the third operation, he ______.

A. pretended to be painful

B. acted like a superhero

C. appeared in poor spirits

D. argued with his mother

4. In the last paragraph, you are advised ______.

A. to go through some difficult tests

B. to wake up from your wild dreams

C. to become a powerful person in your mind

D. to wear expensive clothes for job interviews

5. What is the purpose of the passage?

A. To tell us an interesting story.

B. To help us make right decisions.

C. To advise us to care about children.

D. To encourage us to use our imagination.

注:① costume  戲装