考试与评价·高二版 2021年5期


I. 1—5 BBDAC 6—10 BDADA 11—15 CBCBC

II. 1. seat 改成 seated

2. cleaning 改成cleaned

3. 去掉having

4. questioning 改成 questioned

5. 去掉being

6. Leaving 改成 Left

III. 1. followed by a group of children

2. Born and brought up in the countryside

3. his face covered with sweat

4. Given more time

5. The surprised look / expression on his face

6. invited to the birthday party

7. Seen from the hill

8. made ten years ago

9. written by a young woman author

10. Taken to the hospital in time


1—5 BADCA  6—10 DBABC  11—15 CBABC 16—20 BAABA  21—22 CD

Judgement and Evaluation


How to Deal with Anger

1—4 BDCB

What Are the Causes of Stress?

1—3 BAD

Message in a Gift

1—4 DDCD

Too Many Cars Cause Traffic Jams

1—4 BCDA

Airport Delays on the Rise

1—3 BCD

What Is the Hidden Card?


(9-7)÷(4-2)=1; (10-6)÷(6-2)=1。


1—5 ACBDC 6—10 ADBAC 11—15 BDACB          16—20 DACBD


1—4 CDBA


(A) 1. what 2. climbing 3. amazed 4. if 5. on

6. provided 7. who / that  8. the  9. absolutely 10. that

(B) 1. or 2. that 3. foolish 4. is solved 5. if 6. from

7. what 8. till 9. were 10. one

选修8 Unit 3词语专练

I.  (A) 1. distinguish 2. seize 3. stable 4. product

5. file 6. associate 7. bear 8. dial 9. call up 10. now and then 11. set about 12. dive into 13. set out to do 14. hang on 15. out of order 16. get through 17. ring back 18. ring off

(B) 1. 专利证书;专利权 2. 无锈的;不锈的;没有污点的 3. 有效的;确凿的 4. 熟的;成熟的 5. 降雨 6. 堵塞;阻塞;果酱 7. 额头 8. 充满活力的;精力充沛的;动态的;发展變化的 9. 能力;胜任10. 人力资源;人事部;全体人员

II. 1. convenient; convenience; inconvenient

2. caution; cautious; cautiously 3. expectation; expect

4. innocent; innocence 5. merry; merrily 6. abrupt; abruptly 7. recognition; recognize 8. freezing; freeze; frozen

III. 1. merciful; mercy; mercy 2. abrupt; abruptly

3. had expected; expectation; expected 4. freezing; frozen 5. merry; merrily

IV. 1. get through 2. out of order 3 dived into

4. now and then 5. ring off

选修8 Unit 4词语专练

I.  (A) 1. hesitate 2. remark 3. properly 4. handful

5. shabby 6. overlook 7. compromise 8. condemn 9. as... 10. make one's acquaintance 11. generally speaking 12. in terms of 13. rob sb. of sth. 14. in amazement 15. show... in 16. in need of  17. fade out

(B) 1. 经典的, 一流的;经典著作2. 吹口哨;发出汽笛声;口哨声;汽笛声3. 毛纺的;纯毛的4. 带来麻烦的; 使人心烦的5. 结果;效果6. 手帕;手绢;纸巾7. 光辉灿烂的;杰出的;才华横溢的8. 泄露;背叛 9. 不同寻常的;非凡的10. 大使;使节 11. 身份;地位; 职位12. 优秀的;较高的;上级的;上级;长官13. 啜泣; 抽噎;啜泣(声);抽噎(声) 14. (使)褪色;减弱;逐渐消失

II. 1. disgusting; disgust 2. horrible; horror

3. hesitate; hesitation 4. mistaken; mistake 5. fortune; fortunate; fortunately 6. rob; robber; robbery

7. adaptation; adapt 8. classify classification

III. 1. adapted; adaptations 2. hesitated; hesitation

3. uncomfortable; to comfort; comfortable; uncomfortably 4. mistake; mistakes; mistaken 5. fortune; Unfortunately; fortunate

IV. 1. in need of 2. fade out 3. Generally speaking

4. made; acquaintance 5. Passing; off as





1. W: Oh, I'm feeling so sick.

M: You'd better go to the clinic. Can I help you?

2. M: I have been coming to this candy shop ever since I was 8 years old. We used to eat as many as we could all at once.

W: How many pieces of candy can you eat at one time now?

M: Maybe 10. My record was 15. But I can't do that anymore.

3. W: Stanley, there's a Mr. Brown on the phone who wants to talk to you.

M: I'm taking a shower now. Can you ask him to hold? Tell him I'll be there in just a few minutes.

W: OK. But hurry. I'm cooking supper right now.

4. W: Well, your computer is broken. It won't turn on. How did you break it?

M: I don't know. I dropped it two weeks ago, but it was working well until yesterday. It's seven years old, though. I think it was almost time to get a new one, anyway.

5. W: I heard that you'll go to Wuhan for a conference. How will you go there? By air?

M: Not decided yet. It's expensive by air and not comfortable by bus. As for ship, it's too slow. I expect to go by train.

W: I have the same idea.




M: Do you have computers in your classroom, Maria?

W: No, but I wish we did. I think it would be a great help. What do you think, Tom?

M: I'm surprised that you want them. I think they distract students. The point of the lesson is lost. And the teachers lose their control over where the class should go. I think it's ridiculous to get computers absolutely everywhere.


W: Did you get the injury while playing football, Jim?

M: Yes. One of the boys kicked my foot instead of the ball.

W: The best thing for you to do is to rest your leg for 48 hours.

M: When can I go back to school?

W: You can go back in 4 days, but you'll need to avoid sports for a month.


W: Hi, Mr. Smith.

M: Hi, Debra. I just dropped by to see how you're getting along with your packing. Need any help?

W: No, everything's OK. Thanks. But I've got a lot more things to take home than I'd thought. It'll probably be a little overweight.

M: You know that as long as the two cases are less than 40kg, that's all right for flights to America. You can have a handbag and a small backpack as carry-ons, too.

W: Then that won't be a problem.

M: Now, when did you say your flight leaves?

W: Let me 10:30 a.m.

M: I'll come by and pick you up at 7:30 a.m. Then we can arrive early enough to check in without rushing.

W: Thanks, Mr. Smith.


W: James. I've had such a busy week and this morning ... Uh ... I woke up really early, at 5:30 a.m. and then I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up.

M: What? At 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning?

W: Yes, I had a shower and went out to catch a bus into town. Instead of 8:00 a.m., it didn't come until 8:15

a.m. And it was raining hard.

M: Oh, dear. What happened next?

W: When I got to town it was 9:15 a.m. So first of all I went to the library, but it was closed, so I waited until 10:00 a.m. for it to open.

M: Why did you go to the library?

W: I needed some information for my school project. But I spent two hours looking for something about the kings and queens of England, but all the books I needed were out of the library.

M: Why didn't you go to the bookshop?

W: I didn't have enough money on me, so I caught the bus home at 12:30.

M: What time did you get home?

W: Not until 2:00 p.m. The bus broke down and I had to walk the rest of the way home.


M: College students are making their own space satellites. One student holds a plastic satellite up above her head. She tells everyone that it is ready to go. It goes into a garbage can. The can is shaken by the other students. This is to copy what it is like out in space. The can is then dropped to the floor. The students show that their small satellites can work. They are built strong enough to survive being in the garbage can. The teacher says that if the satellite is built right, it should not break apart. The students are learning that when you launch something into space, you can not go up and fix it. The students are learning how to build a good rocket to get their satellites to fly. The satellites must fly or the students do not get a good grade. They are learning how to use wood, foam, glue and computer parts to put together their satellites. Two years ago the students started to build a real satellite which they hope to send up in space. The satellites will measure the Earth from space. The teacher says that new satellites will be smaller. They will be built faster and be cheaper to build.



1—5 BBBCC 6—10 AAACC 11—15 BCACC 16—20 BAACB


I. (A) 1—4 CBAD

(B) 语篇解读:每到年终岁尾,《时代周刊》都会评选出25项“让世界变得更加美好和智能”的最佳发明。本文介绍了其中的三项发明。

5. D。细节理解题。根据The levitating (悬浮的) light bulb部分最后两句可知,悬浮灯泡最神奇的地方是这项电磁感应技术可以让灯泡不用接触底座就能通电。故选D项。

6. A。 推理判断题。根据The no touch thermometer


7. C。 推理判断题。本文介绍了三项新的科技发明,属于科技类文章。故选C项。

(C) 8. A。 推理判断题。根据第一段第二句“Our school offers firstclass international education delivered by experienced and professional staff ”可推知,本文的作者是文中所提到的学校的校长,故选A。

9. B。细节理解题。根据倒数第三段的“Although our curriculum is based upon the national curriculum for England, it is adapted where appropriate, to ensure suitability for our diverse student body” 可知,课程的调整是为了适应学生需求的多样性。

10. B。细节理解题。根据文中第五段的“A broad personal development plan for students that encourages independence, confidence, tolerance, good manners and respect”可知,文章中没有提到自律。

11. C。写作意图题。根据全文的整体内容可推知,本文是一封校长致家长的信,介绍了学校的特色和优势,目的在于向家长推广这所学校,鼓励更多家长把自己的孩子送到这所学校来学习,故选C。

(D) 12—15 ACBB



I. 语篇解读:这是一篇介绍美国素有NBA篮球“小皇帝”之称詹姆斯·勒布朗成长历程的短文。詹姆斯·勒布朗——新一代的NBA篮球王。他,取胜欲望强,得分能力高,把握机会好,简直是一个全才。获得2006年全明星赛MVP(最有价值球员)。然而这位年轻的篮球天才的成长过程也充满了艰辛,可谓一路“挣扎”。

1. D。talent是“天才,天赋”的意思。

2. C。3月28日当他带领克里夫兰骑士队以107:104击败新泽西网队时这种能力显示了出来,在这场比赛中他一人独得41分。这种能力指上文所提的全明星球员在身体、技术和智力方面的综合素质。

3. D。由上文提到的19岁87天反推,该空强调James 年纪轻。

4. A。一场比赛个人得分过40分或更多是一种好的表现。

5. B。known as“作为……是有名的”,符合题意。

6. B。由下文介绍的童年时期不幸生活反推,那时他还远不是一个球王。

7. B。分析语境可知,该空表“像……一样”,应填like。

8. B。由下文所介绍的童年不幸生活反推, James的童年生活是一种挣扎。

9. D。without是介词,在这里表示“如果没有”的意思,充当条件状语。

10. D。要是没有祖母和邻居的帮助,James也许很小的时候就死了。

11. D。take any chance “利用机会”,符合题意。

12. A。下文的don't like暗示该空应填hate。

13. B。seize the opportunity “抓住机会”,与语境逻辑相符。

14. C。分析语境可知,该空表“能够”,应填able。

15. D。stop sb. (from) doing sth. 意为“阻止某人做某事”,符合题意。若将stop 改为keep,from不可省,所以A错误。

16. C。分析语境可知,該空表“多亏了”,应填thanks。

17. B。强调“聪明的,反应快的”,应用quick,而不用fast。

18. A。下文的college暗示该空应填studying。

19. D。上大学的目的是开发智力,因此该空应填develop。

20. D。James成了没有文凭而成名的幸运者。

II.  1. When 2. to have made 3. it 4. herself

5. that 6. researching 7. easily 8. third 9. so 10. invention

III. 1. When asked her private questions

2. broadcast by the BBC 3. used in daily conversations 4. an opinion offered to you  5. When we saw the road blocked with snow


I. 第一处:annoying→annoyed  第二处:  an→a  第三处: affect→affects  第四处: fail→failing  第五处:many →much  第六处: focus后加on  第七处: but→so / and  第八处: had→have  第九处: truly→true  第十处:去掉make后的for

II. One Possible Version:

Recently, I have invented a magical helmet—Kubao. Now I would like to introduce it briefly to you.

Weighing about 300 grams, Kubao is like a common helmet in appearance. However, besides protecting the user's head, it also has some special functions. For instance, we can listen to music, or make a phone call with it. It also can be used as a navigation instrument that can direct us to our destination, making our lives more convenient. In addition, what distinguishes it from a common helmet is that it can use solar energy to charge itself. So environment-friendly is Kubao that it must surely appeal to many consumers.

How amazing it is!





1. W: I enjoy all kinds of music, especially classical music. What kind of music do you like?

M: Country music had attracted me a great deal before I became interested in pop music.

2. M: I really like your city. It is so clean. But is it always so cold and windy?

W: Well, we have an old saying that says, “If you don't like our weather, just wait around about an hour.”

3. W: Mr. Green, the blood test shows that your heart is not in good condition.

M: Is there anything I can do about it, say, giving up smoking and drinking beer?

4. M: Excuse me, when will Flight Number CA981 from New York arrive?

W: It is supposed to arrive at 1 p.m. but it will be delayed for an hour and a half.

5. M: I'd like to have a cup of tea. What do you recommend?

W: Well, that depends on what you need. Green tea is the best for your health, tea made from flowers is good if you need to calm down, and black tea is the best choice if you need to be refreshed.

M: I'll take some black tea.




W: Hi, Mike! Some of us are planning to go boating this weekend. Do you want to come along?

M: Sounds great, but I've never done it before.

W: Oh, come on! This is our last chance to take a break before finals.

M: Yeah, what shall I have to bring then?

W: In fact, I wish we could take your car there. Mine is in the repair shop.

M: Oh, I see. It's not me you want. It's my car.

W: Don't be silly. So what would you say?

M: Oh, why not!

W: Great! I'll give you a call when I find out when everyone wants to leave.

M: OK!


M: Hi, Jenny! It's Peter. Have you seen the Job pages of Independent? There's an ad for a PR agent at Blue Whale.

W: Blue Whale? Wasn't that the company whose stand was next to ours at last month's fashion exhibition? What does the ad say about the job?

M: Getting in touch with editors, making PR plans and developing a website.

W: Well, I don't know anything about websites.

M: It would be more about thinking up ideas for the site. Why don't you read yourself? I'll e-mail the page to you.

W: OK. I'll have a look and we can talk about it later.

M: Anyway, I would apply if I were you. You're always saying how bored you are here.


M: I'm sick of living in the city. It seems like there is always a car alarm going off through the streets! It's so noisy!

W: I know, but I still love living here. I can walk to work, the store, and my favorite café every day. Everything is so close! Would you give that up just for less noise?

M: I'm beginning to think so. Another thing that annoys me is parking the car. Sometimes I have to drive around for 30 minutes to find a spot!

W: I wish your job was closer. Then we could just get rid of the car and not worry about parking it.

M: And it is getting expensive to rent an apartment. I heard that rents will continue to increase in the next several years. We could buy a big house and save money in the long run if we moved somewhere else.

W: I would like to have enough room for a dog and a home office. I guess that is the only thing that would get me out of the city.

M: Well, keep thinking about it! I'm ready to move.


W: Hi, Edward! What are you going to do tonight? Let's go to see the film Crazy Alien.

M: That would be great, but I can't.

W: Why? We've finished our final exams.

M: I'm not going to study tonight. You know my company?

W: I don't know what you're talking about.

M: I've started an Internet company and I'm selling books and CDs online. So I'll be very busy tonight.

W: What about Saturday and Sunday? We can spend the weekend at the seaside.

M: I'm flying to Rome tomorrow.

W: No! What are you going to do there?

M: I'm going to meet a designer there at 10:30 on Saturday.

W: Well, we can spend time together on Sunday.

M: My flight leaves Rome at 11 pm on Saturday and arrives in London at 1 a.m. I won't get much sleep on Saturday night so I expect I'll be asleep all day on Sunday.

W: OK then. Don't worry about your friends. I'm sure your company is more interesting.

M: Don't get mad. Look, I've got half an hour free. At least we can have some coffee now.


M: We now have a good idea of what kind of clothes people wore over 5,000 years ago.

Scientists studied the pieces of material that were on the body of a man who died in Europe 5,300 years ago. His body was frozen under ice in the Alps Mountains. Archaeologists discovered his body in a glacier in 1991.   They called him Otzi the Iceman(冰人奥兹). They also found bits of clothing and weapons. Scientists have analyzed everything they found to get an idea of what early humans looked like, what they ate and what they wore. The scientists said Otzi provided “rare and valuable information” about how humans used animals five thousand years ago.

The research team said Otzi's clothes were from several different animals. He had leggings that were made from goat leather. He wore a hat made from brown bear fur. Otzi's leather coat was stitched together from at least four different kinds of animals. His shoes were made from different kinds of grass. Otzi's body was also covered in 61 tattoos. Scientists say these were for pain relief for his aching joints and not for decoration.



1—5 ABACB 6—10 CACAA 11—15 BCBAB 16—20 CCBCA



I. (A) 1—4 DAAC

(B) 5—8 CDCC

(C) 9—12 BCBD

(D) 13. Helping housewives who want to learn to cook French food.

14. How the system works.

15. The process of cooking and learning.



I. 1—5 DABDC  6—10 ABDAC  11—15 CABCC  16—20 DBACA

II. 1. based 2. a 3. that 4. dirty 5. thinking 6. madly  7. When 8. does 9. has got / been accustomed 10. without

III. 1. unless watered every day  2. Moved to tears  3. Written by Guo Jingming  4. Passed off as his wife

5. Blamed for the breakdown


I. 1. 第一句中的man改为men。

2. 第二句中的or改为and。

3. 第三句中的doing改为do。

4. 第四句中的the去掉。

5. 第五句中的me改为us。

6. 第六句中的told改为asked。

7. 第七句中的close改为closely。

8. 第八句中的paid后面加for。

9. 第九句中的is改为was。

10. 第十句中的as改为like。

II. One possible version:

One Person I'm Grateful to

We are supposed to be grateful to people who are always there with us because they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

My English teacher is such a great soul, to whom I owe many thanks. During the previous study, my biggest flaw must come to carelessness, which worried me a lot. I just dedicated myself to huge amounts of practice, regardless of repeated mistakes. Fortunately, my teacher noticed it and offered to have a long talk with me. Having been persuaded to change my attitude, I finally got the right way to rid myself of carelessness and gained confidence as well.

I am grateful to my English teacher for all the support he has given me.

选修8第3—4 单元阶段验收题




1. M: Are you being served?

W: No. Um, a Diet Coke and a pineapple juice please. And what other fruit juices have you got?

2. W: If you were in better health, I would have asked you to come.

M: Yeah, I know. It's a pity that I missed your 18th birthday party.

3. W: Would you like to go fishing with us this Saturday?

M: Thank you. I'd love to. But I have a paper on Jane Austen to finish. I need to read all her works this weekend.

4. M: We've been friends for 10 years, since we first met in the kindergarten. We did everything together.

W: Are you sure you remember things in your 5-year-olds?

5. W: It must be so hard to be a waiter after spending so much time pursuing your passion.

M: This job is perfect for me right now. The hours are good, and it's never busy. So I can save all of my energy for my jewelry business.




M: You want to be a doctor.

W: Well, I did at first, but it takes too much time.

M: You mean the training after school?

W: Yes, you need to spend at least five years to finish the learning and training, you know.

M: So you went to a nursing college instead.

W: Yes, it took me only three years to become a nurse. And I have no regrets.

M: Really? You enjoy it?

W: Oh, very much.

M: Aren't you disappointed that you couldn't become a doctor?

W: Well, in a way. But as time passed, I began to really like my job.


W: Luke, have you bought a present for Karen yet? It's her birthday on Saturday, isn't it?

M: Yes, but I still don't know what to buy for her. Jim's bought her a CD of Ariana Grande, her favorite singer. I don't want to buy another CD, but I can't think of anything else. Do you have any ideas?

W: Let me see. She always loves to wear a scarf. Do you want me to go shopping with you tomorrow? I can help you choose one. Or you can buy her a book. She also likes reading.

M: That's a bit boring. I like your first idea. I'll pick you up at ten o'clock tomorrow.

W: OK. See you then.


M: How was the wedding? Did you have a good time?

W: Yes, but there were at least two hundred people. You couldn't move!

M: What about the happy couple? What was the bride wearing?

W: Would you believe she wore blue trousers and the bridegroom wore jeans!

M: Really? Who were all the people?

W: There were people from both families, and they all had lots of children and babies.

M: What about the food?

W: Terrible! First, we had to wait for an hour.

M: Really? And then?

W: There was a dry cake and a cold chicken!


M: Madonna's music is still good, don't you think? Holiday is my favorite. It always makes me want to dance when I hear it.

W: Why do you live your life with memories of the past on your mind all the time? How can you make new memories when you are hanging onto the old ones? At least make room in your brain for a few new experiences...

M: I see what you mean. It's just that things seemed so much easier back then.

W: Well, sure. You're living yesterday and today in one day. That's complicated. If you stop worrying about what you did in the past, you'll have more energy to devote to something new. Doesn't that sound easier?

M: I guess. So, we shouldn't study history, either?

W: That's different. We have to get good grades in school if we want to get into a good college. But as far as what we do in our everyday lives, it's all about the here and now.

M: That's a pretty cool way to look at it...


M: If you are like millions of busy people, you want to get your work done, so you can do the things that you enjoy the most. That's what TaskRabbit, a new service company, helps people do. TaskRabbit uses the Internet and smartphones to quickly find people in your neighborhood to do the tasks for you. For example, if you are throwing a surprise party and you need someone to pick up the ice cream cake and your aunt Sally, but you don't have time to drive around, a tasker will do it for you! TaskRabbit employees are hired and screened by the company. They have specific services in which they specialize. Need help hanging a painting? Need someone with a pickup truck to help you move? There is a tasker out there to help you. The taskers are generally well-educated people. Out of all the taskers, about 70% hold bachelor's degrees, 20% hold master's degrees, and 5% hold PhD degrees. Some people have turned their work for TaskRabbit into a full-time job as well. Leah Busque, who ran out of dog food one day, founded TaskRabbit in 2008. She based it on the idea of “neighbors helping neighbors”. Since then, the company has received $37.5 million in funding.



1—5 ABCCC 6—10 AACAB 11—15 CAAAC

16—20 BACAC


I. (A) 1. A。根据文章第三段和第四段的描述可知,实验证明了“对下属有期望和对下属的潜力不了解的调查结果证明了期望是行动的动力。”

2. B。从第一段的 “...often children or students ...” 到下文的workplace,可知“皮格马利翁效应”可用于不同的社会领域。

3. A。根据下文的“ ...the other group was told nothing about their employees' performance potential.”可推知这里是说这组经理被告知自己的员工是“优秀的,突出的”。

4. B。根据文章第五段的叙述“But ‘if a leader has high expectations, it doesn't mean that a subordinate will perform three times as well,' Prof. Eden says. ‘It means that he or she will have a three times greater chance of being above-average.'”可知B项错误。

(B) 5. B。根据第一段的“Double Falsehood is a play written by Lewis Theobald and first performed in 1727. It was based mainly   on  another   work   co-written   by William Shakespeare more than a century earlier.”可知,这部名为《爱情骗徒》的戏剧是根据一个多世纪以前威廉·莎士比亚与人合著的另一剧作改编而成。

6. A。根据第二段的“The debate is over what   the   English-speaking   world's   most famous and influential playwriter wrote and what was falsely attributed to him.”可推知,这部剧作的面世将可能激起新一轮的学术争论的原因是有一些剧作是仿冒莎翁的赝品。

7. C。根据第四段的“but the writer was widely considered as a cheat for claiming he had used the words of Shakespeare. The play has been rubbished in the past”及尾段的“the play was widely accessible for the first time in nearly 300 years”可推知,刘易斯·希尔包德被人们误解了近三百年。

8. D。根據上文第三段的“Shakespeare wrote most of the first half (of the original) and Fletcher wrote most of the second half—you could detect a new hand from the style of writing”可知,画线句子的意思是:现代读者还能从中感受到莎翁的写作风格。

(C) 美国著名电影导演史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格小时候不喜欢学习功课,但是对拍摄电影很感兴趣。1965年,一次到环球影视城的参观经历彻底改变了他的人生。

9. D。根据第一段的内容可知,史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格在少年时代不是那种用功的好学生,所以遭到同学们的嘲笑。

10. A。根据第一段的内容可知,史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格把拍摄的电影放给朋友看并收取少量的费用。

11. D。根据第三段的内容可知,史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格中学毕业后本想进入电影学校。

12. B。根据第三段的内容可知,1965年史蒂文·斯皮尔伯格参观环球影视城时,遇到了Chuck Silvers,这改变了他的人生。

(D) 本文给出了一些戏剧写作方面的指导。

13. Dialogues.

14. A list of basic information about characters such as their ages, relationship to each other and so on.

15. They are used to give the actors, designers, and directors a clue about what they actually see happening on stage.



I. 1—5 BABCA 6—10 CACBD 11—15 ABBDC  16—20 ABDDC

II. 1. before 2. the 3. must have taken 4. that

5. touches  6. into  7. but  8. or  9. surprised 10. some


I. 第一句:去掉London前的the;for→to





第六句:though→since /as / because


II. One possible version:

A Review of Robinson Crusoe

This is a novel by the English author Daniel Defoe, published in 1719, which is one of the most popular adventure novels in all literature. It is the story of Robinson Crusoe, an Englishman who is shipwrecked on a lonely tropical island.

He builds himself a hut, grows his own food, and  becomes  self-sufficient. After  23 years he meets with a group of cannibals and rescues one of their prisoners, a young native whom he calls Friday. Crusoe and his “man” Friday become close friends. Four years later, they are rescued and both return to England safe and sound.