考试与评价·八年级版 2021年5期



Mike loved ships. When he was older, he said, “Im going to be a soldier.” But his eyes were not very1 , and he did not get in.

Then he said, “Im going to2a small boat and Im going to travel around the world.” But boats were very expensive, and Mike did not have enough3 .

Last summer Mike found a swimming4near his house. The lessons did not cost very5 , and Mike began going to the school at every end of the week and having6 . Now he is a good swimmer.

Last week a little boy said to him, “Youre a very good swimmer. How do7learn to swim so well?”

“Im not good at all,” Mike said and he smiled. “ 8Im in the water, I say to myself, there are9fishes behind me! Then Im very afraid, and I10quickly.”

1. A. big B. beautiful    C. good D. strong

2. A. buy       B. make C. borrow D. draw

3. A. food B. work C. time   D. money

4. A. park    B. school C. farm   D. factory

5. A. much B. little C. many   D. any

6. A. meals B. lessons C. talks   D. games

7. A. I B. they C. we   D. you

8. A. If B. When    C. Though D. Where

9. A. interesting B. nice    C. dangerous    D. different

10. A. run B. jump C. swim D. fly


Mr Read works in a big shop. Hes very1and always gets to the office on time. The   〓2〓 is satisfied (滿意的) with him and pays him more. One afternoon he was very tired, as soon as he had3 , he put his watch on the table and went to bed. Little Mabel, one of his daughters, came in and4   something there. She dropped the watch to the floor. She picked it up and     〓5〓 quickly. The next morning he got up on time. After breakfast he had a look at his watch and began to6newspapers. When he got to his office, it was half past eight. He was7for the first time! At that moment he found something was wrong with his watch. He had to ask someone to8it.

This morning Mr Read was going to take a train for London. But he9it because his watch was slow again. He was very strange and said, “It was all right yesterday but why is it10now?”

“I found it was dirty last night,” said little Mabel. “I had to wash it for you!”

1. A. helpful B. careful C. friendly D. polite

2. A. driver  B. bookseller    C. shopkeeper  D. headmaster

3. A. meal B. breakfast    C. lunch  D. supper

4. A. looked for    B. looked up     C. went on  D. got on

5. A. took B. jumped    C. laughed    D. left

6. A. read B. see C. borrow  D. buy

7. A. busy    B. free  C. late        D. early

8. A. choose B. mend C. sell        D. throw

9. A. missed B. caught C. lost D. lifted

10. A. terrible B. short C. right D. wrong


Billy is a boy of fifteen. One day when he was walking in the street, he1a wallet. He returned it to the owner, Mr Baker. He gave his2to the boy. As the boy had no job, Mr Baker made him work for him in his3 . Billy worked so hard that Mr and Mrs Baker were   〓4〓 with him.

Mr Baker loved planting5 . The week before last, he brought a few trees home, planted them in the6himself and watered them every day. Several days7 , he had to leave for another city. Before he started, he said to Billy, “Take good care of these trees. Some boys near our house always want to steal them.”

“Dont8about them, sir.” answered Billy, “Ill try my best to watch them.” Six days passed and Mr Baker came back. He asked, “ 9anyone come to steal the trees?”“No, sir.” said Billy. “To stop someone from stealing the trees, I10them up six days ago. I have hidden them for almost a week!”

1. A. bought B. found C. carried D. wanted

2. A. wallet B. pity C. thanks D. excuses

3. A. office  B. factory C. town D. home

4. A. pleased B. angry C. bored D. sad

5. A. grass    B. flowers     C. vegetables        D. trees

6. A. garden B. office C. city D. room

7. A. ago  B. later C. before D. after

8. A. think    B. talk C. learn D. worry

9. A. Did    B. Does C. Do D. Will

10. A. sent    B. pulled C. put D. picked