时代英语·高二 2021年3期


1—5      CCBAA 6—10    BCABB 11—15  CABBC

16—20  CABCB 21—25  DCBCA 26—30  CBDAD

31—35  BBCDB 36—40  GFDEB 41—45  DBABC

46—50  ACDAC 51—55  ABACD 56—60  CADBD

61. of    62. written    63. differs    64. to greet    65.Traditionally    66. which    67. the    68. youths    69. expression    70. more


Its unbelievable when I heard my name calling. I was chosen to


play the leading role in the play, and it was my dream. I used to being


too shy to speak in a public. But my parents and teachers always

encourage me to do so. Now I have changed great. In class, I am often

encouraged                             greatly

the first one whom will stand up and answer questions even if I may


make much mistakes. No pain, no gain. Now I am always brave


enough to overcome the difficulty in her heart, and have become a


lively girl. My experience shows that we should not be afraid∧losing


face, and only in this way can we make progresses.


One possible version:

Dear Peter,

I am glad to learn that you are studying in a new school. I think it is a good chance for you to turn over a new leaf. Do not worry if you have no real friends right now. Although you are not an outgoing boy and have different life experiences from your present classmates, it is not impossible to make good friends as long as you take the following tips.

First of all, you can make friends with others if you share their joys and sorrows. Secondly, you should open your heart to your friends, holding back nothing. Last but not least, once you have a friend, you must constantly maintain your friendship with acts of kindness.

I hope you will find true friendship soon.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

1—5      CABCA 6—10    ACBBB 11—15  CBCCA

16—20  CCBBC 21—25  ADBAB 26—30  BDBAC

31—35  CDDCA 36—40  BGDEF 41—45  CABCD

46—50  DCABA 51—55  DABDB 56—60  BCDDA

61. have lost    62. that    63. it    64. hopeless    65. to say    66. cheerfully    67. thought    68. more    69. but    70. beginning


Dear Ron,

I am very exciting to hear that you were coming to our school soon.

excited                     are

Now let me to introduce our school to you. Our school is a famous

school with∧long history. We have lots of experienced teachers and


excellent equipments. There are two teaching buildings, one for seniors


and the another for juniors. There is one lab building and one dorm


building, either. Besides Chinese, maths, English, physics or chemistry,

too             and

we still have some choices. The students can choose whatever they

like to attend. We love their school. I am looking forward to meet

our                       meeting

you soon.



One possible version:

Here I am going to share my favorite book with all of you in class. The book is My Life Story, which was created by an American writer—Helen Keller.

It described her hard struggle to become an outstanding writer and educationist. In the book, she wrote that she hadnt been able to see, hear or speak since the age of one year and seven months. When she was seven years old, she knew Miss Sullivan, her good teacher. Then, Miss Sullivan helped her learn how to write words. Later, she wrote and published many famous works in her life.

I like the book best because it shows us a universal truth: Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it!

1—5      ACCBC 6—10    BBCBC 11—15  BAACB

16—20  CABBC 21—25  DABDA 26—30  CACBB

31—35  ACDCB 36—40  DEBCA 41—45  CBCDA

46—50  BBCCD 51—55  ABACD 56—60  ACBBA

61. successful    62. going    63. when    64. seized    65. to do                   66. is hurt    67. for    68. Moved    69. was    70. and


It is know to all that we students of today has to fix our attention


on our lessons, so we knew little of society. A holiday is the best


time and the best chance to make up for that. Take a part-time job is


a good form of social practice. That we have learned in books and in


class cant have such an important effect on us∧what we have learned


through personal practice. In social practice, we can surely make a

progress in both knowledge or practical ability. Beside, when we take

and Besides

part-time jobs, we may get paid more or less to help their family. Thus,


I will say senior school students should take part-time jobs in their holidays, if possibly.


One possible version:

Dear Tom,

Im glad you trust me and tell me about your trouble. I shall be pleased to talk over the matter with you.

As we know, getting on well with our classmates is very important. The harmonious relationship between classmates makes us in a relaxed mood, which in return has a great effect on our study.

As for the shortcomings your classmate said of you, I think you should critically accept them. If you do have the shortcomings, you should thank your classmate, and then correct them, which can help you do better in the future. For something like “too thin” or “too short”, just ignore it. In addition, youd better have a talk with him/her.

I hope my advice will prove more or less helpful.


Li Ming

1—5      BACCC 6—10    BACBC 11—15  ACABA

16—20  AACAC 21—25  BCDBC 26—30  ABBDA

31—35  DDDBA 36—40  FCEBD 41—45  CBADB

46—50  BDACA 51—55  CDABD 56—60  BCADA

61. its    62. with    63. to clean    64. but    65. laughter    66. noisily    67. have lost    68. what    69. unselfishness    70. bringing


Wearing a pair of worn-out shoe, he wandered in the street. Though


hunger, he could not find a penny in his pockets. Unfortunate, he

hungry     Unfortunately

became homeless, and everyone in her family had cut off connection


with him. Mild songs from the nearest house reminded him of his

memories in act. Up to now, he∧starred in more than 80 films, that

acting          has      which

have entertained many people. He was considered to be a outstanding


actor. It was convincing that he would be picking out to challenge the


Oscar this year. But in now everything has changed.

One possible version:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a high school student in Grade Two. Im glad to learn that you want a part-time English reporter. I am writing to apply for the job.

I am confident that I am the right person you are looking for. First, I have a good command of the English language. Ive been learning English for 10 years, and I do well in both speaking and writing. Besides, Im easy to get along with and enjoy working together with others. Above all, I once worked as a reporter for my school broadcasting station.

I am sure I have the qualifications for the position. I would be grateful if you could offer me the chance.

Looking forward to your reply!


Li Hua

1—5      CCABC 6—10    ABCBC 11—15  BABBA

16—20  CBBAB 21—25  BDDAA 26—30  DDCDB

31—35  ACCBA 36—40  DFABG 41—45  CBDAB

46—50  DADBC 51—55  CAADA 56—60  CDACB

61. has become    62. the    63. which    64. specially    65. amazing

66. is designed    67. it    68. bathed    69. lovely    70. feeling


My parents and I went to the park on last Sunday. There were lots

of visitors standing in front of the tickets window. We waited for a


long time and buy three tickets. In the Tiger Mountain of the park, I was


so eagerly to see the fierce frightening animals that I quickened my steps


through the crowd. Unfortunately, I got separating from my parents. I


had∧hard time looking for him, but I had no luck. Wandering in the

a    them

park, I felt alone without any companions. Worse still, I had no money,


but I had to walk home, covered as much as 5 kilometers.

so                                  covering

One possible version:

Dear David,

Thanks for your letter. Let me tell you what role music plays in my life.

I like many kinds of music, such as classical music, Chinese folk music, and American country music, but my favorite music is light music. Whenever I am in trouble, the soft melody will make me  relaxed.

Modern popular music such as hip-hop, rap, blues, and rock&roll isnt my cup of tea. It is too loud and very difficult for me to understand! I cant stand the strong beat, which nearly makes me mad!

In conclusion, music plays a very important part in my life. Just like meals and sleep, I cant live without music.


Wang Hua

1—5      ABCCA 6—10    CABCA 11—15  BCCBA

16—20  CCCAC 21—25  DCBDB 26—30  CCCDA

31—35  BCDBA 36—40  EAGFC 41—45  DCDBA

46—50  BABDC 51—55  BABBA 56—60  CDCAC

61. instruments    62. with/and    63. producer    64. has been playing    65. that    66. does    67. sounds    68. traditional    69. to add    70. truly


Our school newspaper is looking for an editor for its English

edition. The job main includes two parts. One is to choose suitable


English articles from other newspaper, magazines or the Internet for


us students. The other is to pick out articles from those which is written


by the students in our school and edit it for use. We hoped that the

them         hope

person can meet the following requirements: First, he is willing to devote some of his spare time to serve others. Second, its necessary


for him to be good at both English or fine arts. Besides, the ability to


use the computer is not important. Those who are interesting in the


job—please get∧touch with the Students Union this week.


One possible version:

Dear Tom,

I am excited to share my happiness with you. Recently, I won first place in an activity organized in my school.

The activity called “Makers on Campus” aimed at helping students develop the awareness of innovation and it included two parts. The first part was an exhibition of the students original inventions, designs and literary works. In the second part of the activity, students voted to decide the prize winners.

With the enthusiastic participation of all the students, the activity turned out a great success. I do hope more activities will be organized in my school to provide us with chances to develope our critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.


Li Hua

1—5      BCBCA 6—10    CBBCC 11—15  ACCBB

16—20  ACBAC 21—25  CCDDA 26—30  BADCD

31—35  ADDBC 36—40  CEAFG 41—45  DCDAC

46—50  BBACA 51—55  CADBA 56—60  DBDCB

61. as    62. is made    63. to breathe    64. important    65. which/that    66. ways    67. so    68. jumping    69. will fall    70. dirty


Keep a good habit is very important. But I am a little lazy. Lazy


people usually felt it is hard to keep a good habit. A week ago, I went


to play the basketball with some of my classmates. It was already about

ten oclock when I got home. I was tired and went straight to bed instead∧taking a bath first. The next morning, we went to take a bath

of                                                              I

and then went to school. However, it was cold that morning so I didnt


dry my hairs. I got a cold. I felt terribly the whole day and I started to

hair                                terrible

regret what I had done. If I had taken a bath immediately while I got


home, I wouldnt have got a cold. See, a good habit are really important.


One possible version:

Dear Peter,

Im glad to receive your letter. You told me that youve made great progress in learning Chinese. Not only can you speak more Chinese than before, but youve been able to watch some TV programs in Chinese. You have done really well in learning Chinese.

You say that you have some difficulty reading and writing Chinese. Personally, you should learn and memorize more Chinese characters and practise writing Chinese characters as often as possible. Besides, you should choose some simpler articles to read, which will help you with your Chinese characters.

I hope my advice will help you to deal with your difficulty in reading Chinese. Im sure your Chinese reading will improve greatly soon.

Best wishes!


Li Hua

1—5      BBCCA 6—10    BCACA 11—15  ABBCC

16—20  CAABC 21—25  BDADB 26—30  CDABD

31—35  DABCC 36—40  GBAEC 41—45  BABCD

46—50  ACBDD 51—55  BACDC 56—60  ACADB

61. using    62. be purchased    63. but    64. which/ that    65. cases

66. designed    67. with    68. unable    69. to prevent    70. helps


Dear Tom,

I was glad to hear from you but I would like to tell you anything

and                                    something

about health. Yesterday we had the activity about health problems and


a famous nutrition expert∧invited to give us a lecture. The expert spoke


of some terrible illness as well as their reasons. Show us some pictures,

illnesses                                   Showing

he explained the serious diseases caused by eating too much food with lots of fat, oil, and sugar. They learned more about the dangers of junk


food through the activity. After the lecture, we had a heat discussion.


We decided to say goodbye to junk food and took more exercise to


make our bodies much more stronger than ever. I hope you can tell me

more about your story.

Best wishes!


Zhang Lei

One possible version:

Dear Jim,

Im so delighted to know youre coming to study and live in China. Id like to extend my warm welcome to you! To help you adapt to the new life here, Id highly recommend you a super popular app—WeChat.

WeChat can be found on almost every Chinese smartphone. You can post photos about your life or repost interesting stories on WeChat Moments. You can also pay for almost anything with it. All you need to do is show your WeChat payment code or just use the scan function. You dont need to carry any cash.

Im sure youll fall in love with WeChat. Im looking forward to hearing about your experience with WeChat. And I hope youll have a good time in China.


Li Hua