疯狂英语·新阅版 2021年5期

Ⅰ. 高频表达


job 工作

profession 职业

occupation 职业

a dream job 一份梦想的工作

professional sleeper 专业睡眠体验师

caregiver 护理者

novelist 小说家

poet 诗人

veterinarian 兽医

archeologist 考古学家

smoke jumper 空降森林灭火员

firefighter 消防队员

doctor 医生

movie critic 影评人

photographer 摄影师

president 校长;董事长

teacher 教师

professor 教授

principal 校长

nurse 护士

historian 历史学家

librarian 图书管理员

tour guide 导游

researcher 研究员

career 事业;职业

volunteer 志愿者

animal trainer 驯兽师

private island caretaker 私人岛屿管理员

adventurer 冒险家

explorer 探险家

reporter 记者

journalist 新闻记者

editor 编辑

seat filler 虚位填充人

actor 男演员

actress 女演员

playwright 剧作家;编剧

director 导演

live?stream eater 吃播

water slide tester 划水测试员


take care of 照顾

look after 照顾

write blog articles 写博客文章

play with the bears 和熊一起玩

live on a private island 住在一个私人岛屿上

work as a bed tester 做验床师

write reviews about... 撰寫对……的评价

suggest improvements 建议进行改进

participate in experiments 参与试验

improve products 改进产品

watch movies 看电影

categorize the films according to themes 根据主题对电影进行分类

tag the character to their traits 把角色标记到他们的特征上

flag a debate 发起辩论

travel to different countries 到不同的国家旅游consume large quantities of food 消耗大量的食物

engage with the online audiences 与在线观众接触

do some basic housekeeping or maintenance work做一些基本的内务或维护工作

learn from 向……学习

fight the inequality and prejudice 与不平等和偏见做斗争


relaxed 感到放松的

relaxing 令人放松的

wonderful 美妙的

terrific 了不起的

comfortable 舒适的

challenging 有挑战性的

demanding 要求高的

dangerous 危险的

thrilling 令人兴奋的;紧张的

thrilled 感到兴奋的

exciting 令人激动的

excited 感到激动的

amazing 令人惊叹的


qualified 胜任的

fit 合适的

brave 勇敢的

be buried in 沉浸于;专心于

spare no efforts to do... 不遗余力……

devoted 忠诚的;挚爱的;全心全意的

be interested in 对……感兴趣

devote oneself to... 致力于……

be popular with 受……欢迎的

outstanding 杰出的

top 顶尖的

be capable of 有……能力的

be passionate/enthusiastic about 对……热情

be curious about 对……好奇

at the cost of 以……为代价

be crazy about 对……疯狂

focus on your goals 专注于你的目标

full?time 全职的

part?time 兼职的

get paid work 获得有偿的工作

give up ones life 献出某人的生命

influence you in many aspects 在很多方面影响你

Ⅱ. 美句背诵

1. Playing with the bears was fun, but Russell had to remember that bears are wild animals and there are times when they may come at their trainers when they lose their temper. 和熊一起玩是很有趣的,但罗素必须记住,熊是野生动物,有时当它们发脾气时,它们可能会袭击它们的教练。

2. Sometimes, they are so smart that they can follow his instructions and react properly. 有时候,它们太聪明了,它们可以按照他的指示做出正确的反应。

3. Russell didnt get much money for doing this job. But he enjoyed the experience. He also learned a lot from it. 罗素做这份工作没有多少钱。 但他很享受这种经历。 他也从中学到了很多。

4. So I decided what I wanted to be at the age of nine, and I made it happen.因此在九岁的时候,我决定了我想成为什么人,我也做到了。

5. In the beginning it hurts. But the next “NO” hurts a little less. It makes you stronger and actually helps you. 一开始你会受伤。但下一个“不”會伤害你少一点。它让你变得更坚强,实际上帮助了你。

6. You dont have to follow other people. If they say something has never been done, make it happen. There are always challenges, but you overcome them in the end. 你不必跟随别人。如果他们说有些事情从来没被做到过,那就让它发生吧。挑战总是会有的,但你最终克服了它们。

7. If you do all for money, you probably wont really be happy. But when you want to make the world a better place, or make people see things in a different way, youll enjoy the work much more. 如果你为了钱,你可能不会真的快乐。 但当你想让世界变得更美好,或者让人们以不同的方式看待事物时,你会更喜欢这份工作。

8. The aim is to raise awareness of endangered species. 目的是提高对濒危物种的认识。

9. None of this would have happened without Zhang Guimei. 没有张桂梅,这一切都不会发生。

10. Cool jobs are in very short supply. 酷的工作会供不应求。

Ⅲ. 主题写作


1. 写信目的;

2. 个人优势;

3. 能做的事情。


1. 词数100左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。

Dear Sir or Madam,


Li Hua


志愿者精神 永不落幕