Digging for the past 发掘过去


疯狂英语·新阅版 2021年5期



When I was in Grade 3, I watched a video that recreated the discovery of King Tutankhamens tomb. I remember Howard Carter, a British archeologist who became famous for discovering the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922, peering through a narrow hole in the tomb with a candle. A workman asked what he could see. “Wonderful things!” Carter replied. From that moment, I

knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Today, Im lucky to work as an archeologist. I study the lives of people who lived in Egypts Nile Delta. Its exciting work. Sometimes you find something that was buried three thousand years ago. Holding a piece of history is an amazing feeling.

So I decided what I wanted to be at the age of nine, and I made it happen. It seems easy, right? Not quite! The road wasnt easy. I did my studies—university, then a PhD. But along the way I was told many things: I was too young; I wasnt qualified; I should get married and have kids. I also needed money, so I applied for six grants. The first five replies I got said no. Six months later, the last reply came: This time it was yes. Finally, I could start my own excavation(挖掘).

For anyone thinking about a career, I would say: Never give up; never be frustrated. If you want to do something, keep trying. If people tell you “NO”, use that—it will push you. In the beginning it hurts. But the next “NO” hurts a little less. It makes you stronger and actually helps you.

Second, focus on your goals. And I stress yours. You dont have to follow other people. If they say something has never been done, make it happen. You may be the first to do it! There are always challenges, but you overcome them in the end.

Reading Check

Ⅰ. Choose the best answer for each question.

1. What could be another title for the reading?

A. Following a childhood dream

B. The life story of an archeologist

C. The Nile Deltas hidden treasures

D. A day in the life of an archeologist

2. What is the purpose of paragraph 1?

A. To narrate an interesting experience of the author.

B. To explain the challenges the author faced at school.

C. To describe what was found inside Tutankhamens tomb.

D. To explain how the author became interested in archeology.

3. Which of the following happened first?

A. The author applied for a grant.

B. The author went to university.

C. The author decided to be an archeologist.

D. The author received some financial support.

4. Which of the following is a challenge for the author?

A. A lack of support.

B. Her family burden.

C. Her poor health.

D. Financial difficulty.

5. In paragraph 5, what does the underlined word “stress” mean?

A. Introduce a new idea or opinion.

B. Make it clear that something is important.

C. Feel lifes difficulty.

D. Change the shape of an object.

Ⅱ. Match each paragraph with a suitable heading.

1. Paragraph 2            A. Be the first

2. Paragraph 3            B. Stay positive

3. Paragraph 4            C. Dream comes true

4. Paragraph 5            D. Overcome challenges

Lan Study

Ⅰ. Complete the information using the words in the box.

Do you love 1. ________? If so, there are some interesting 2. ________  paths that you can 3.  ________ . Some people work as archeologists or historians. Others might 4. ________  to work as teachers, librarians, tour guides, or researchers. Another interesting job is to be a“living historian”. Living historians work as actors at historical sites. They wear traditional clothes and speak in the language from that time. Visitors who are 5.  ________  enough to speak to a living historian can ask them questions about life at that time.

Ⅱ. The adjectives below can be used with the verb get. Complete the sentences using the words in the diagram.

1. Its easy to get ________ in the dark.

2. We need to get    ________  to leave. Class starts in 10 minutes.

3. I get  ________  when I work all day without a break.

4. If I feel like Im getting   ________ I take some deep breaths and count to 10.

5. The couple got   ________  at the age of 24.


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