时代英语·高一 2021年1期


I was getting ready to go to bed when the phone rang. This could not be good. My mind raced through the list of family members who might need help, but the voice was hardly familiar.

“Lindy, this is Lesley.” I dont know Lesley well. We did occasionally speak with each other, but to say we were friends was not appropriate. I asked what she needed. Perhaps something really awful caused her to reach someone she barely knew. Instead, she asked me, “Do you have room for a turkey? In your freezer (冰柜)?” We had lots of room in our freezer, and in fact, too much. “Sure,” I responded, “did your freezer break down?” “Not exactly,” Lesley replied, “but I will explain when I arrive.”

Minutes later came a huge freezer truck. Lesley stepped down and explained the lease (租约) of the grocery store her husband serviced had run out and that they had to empty all the freezers that very night. Thinking it was a shame to throw away all this good food, they decided to drop off food to anyone she could think of. Noticing our freezer was pretty empty, Lesley asked to fill it up. Our home was their last stop and anything left would have to be put in our freezer. An hour later, everything finished, I asked her, “When will you come back for all this?” Lesley laughed, “We dont want it back. It is yours! Thanks for helping us out!” Then they waved goodbye and drove away.

“For helping them out?” We opened our freezer door. Inside were all expensive foods we never bought but often longed to try. We were struggling to buy groceries, yet it was not something we shared with anyone. However, our needs were met in an unexpected way, by that call, “Do you have room for a turkey?”

1. How did the author feel when she heard the phone ringing?

A. Anxious. B. Angry. C. Shocked. D. Excited.

2. What does the author indicate by the underlined sentence in Paragraph 2?

A. Their freezer was too large to fill.

B. Their freezer was less frequently used.

C. They were running out of food supplies.

D. They were glad to put the turkey in the freezer.

3. Why did Lesley call up the author?

A. The author was her good friend.

B. She knew the author was in need.

C. Something awful had happened.

D. She didnt want food to go to waste.

4. What can be a suitable title for the text?

A. A Friend in Need

B. Who Is My Angel?

C. Unexpected Visitors

D. Do You Have Room for a Turkey?


At the time of birth, babies can explore (探索) all of the five senses—hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling, though these senses are not fully developed. 1

Right from the time of birth, babies have a good understanding of sound. In fact, the sense of hearing develops much before the birth of them. When in their mothers womb (子宫), they can hear their mothers heartbeats. 2 And it is very easy for them to understand the tone of speech.

The sight also develops with time. Just after birth, babies can see things which are within eight to ten inches from their eyes. 3 With time their range of vision and understanding of colors also develop.

4 They love sleeping in lap just because personal touches make them feel safe. Touch is an important sense, which affects the relationship between the parents and their babies.

Babies explore most things by putting them inside their mouth. They taste them through their sensitive tongue. And they will spit (吐) out anything that doesnt taste good immediately.

Babies recognize their mother through smell. 5 They also quickly recognize the smell of the food or fruit they love. With time, they develop an understanding of all the smells around.

A. Small babies love to be touched.

B. They express their feelings by crying.

C. Babies respond to touch in the same way as adults do.

D. They also easily recognize black, white and red colors.

E. They explore the new world with their available senses.

F.Then they start recognizing the smell of other family members.

G.Gradually they can remember words and understand the meanings.

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得了子宫腺肌病 子宫能不能保住