疯狂英语·读写版 2020年12期




1. terrain /t??re?n/ n. 地形;地势

2. gear /ɡ??(r)/ n. 设备;衣服

3. modification /?m?d?f??ke??n/ n. 改进;改变

The air gets a little thinner and the cold begins to wrap around us as fall leaves and winter arrives. Some people regard winter as a goodbye to their favorite outdoor sports. However, there are plenty of winter outdoor activities that transcend all seasons.


Some climbers say that winter climbing and summer climbing are completely different sports. The snow, ice, and cold has the tendency to turn one terrain into something completely different than it is in the warmer months. As with any other change in temp and terrain, youll need gear and expectations that make sense for the conditions. Plan for the weather getting worse, pack hot liquids, bring all extreme winter climbing supplies—even if the terrain isnt expected to need it, layer your clothes, and turn back if you need to. Winter climbing offers more different experiences and views than climbing in warmer months.


No matter what type of cycling youre into, whether it is mountain biking or commuting to work, you can turn it into an all?season activity. Just like anything else, it simply requires some modification. Wearing more layers is important, but not so many that youll be sweating after a few minutes peddling. A good base layer, gloves, boots, and a head covering will make you plenty comfortable in the cooler temperatures.


Seasonal Affective Disorder is a condition in which people can feel depressed and fatigued in the winter months as a result of the bodys lack of sunlight. Some people can combat this issue with light therapy. Another way to fight the winter blues is to do some exercise.

Continuing to run outside is one way to soak in as much sunlight in your workout as you can. More layers and better shoes may be all you need to turn your warm weather month sport into a cold weather sport as well. In fact, many runs and marathons take place in cooler months. Just be aware of the thinner air and how it can affect your breathing as well as your muscles. However, dont let a little cold keep you from enjoying a run with a beautiful snowy backdrop.


1. What should you prepare when climbing in winter?

A. Hot liquids.

B. A head covering.

C. Boots.

D. Thin clothes.

2. What does the underlined word “fatigued” in the fourth paragraph mean?

A. Excited.

B. Warm.

C. Tired.

D. Frightened.

3. Whats the purpose of the text?

A. To show the benefit of climbing.

B. To recommend some good winter sports.

C. To warn people of the danger of winter sports.

D. To tell the difference between winter and summer sports.