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汉语世界(The World of Chinese) 2020年6期

What do you think about the US elections? Its all people talk about these days.

Political Pete

Youve come to the right person: No one knows more about US politics than me. Just like the current US president, who is nicknamed 懂王 (d6ngw1ng, “king of knowledge”) in China, I am the 懂后 (d6ngh7u, “queen of knowledge”). Some people would say Im very, very 聰明 (c4ngm!ng, intelligent). Otherwise, why do you 无聊人士 (w%li1o r9nsh#, bored people) keep asking me all these 烂问题 (l3nw-nt!, stupid questions)? I have a better idea: Why dont they just find a good 总统 (z6ngt6ng, president) and hang on to him to save all that trouble? Forget about the Constitution; people have to learn to 与时俱进 (y^sh!-j&j#n, advance with the times), and dare to make change, right? Yes you can!

Did you get anything from this years “Double 11” online shopping festival? I have so many packages coming!

Shopaholic Susie

As a 传统的 (chu1nt6ng de, traditional) person, I absolutely 讨厌 (t2oy3n, hate) it! Another perfectly good holiday ruined by 消费主义 (xi`of-izh^y#, consumerism)! Double 11 should be a 单纯的 (d`nch%n de, innocent) made-up festival for single people to reflect on their 失败 (sh~b3i, failure) in finding a partner and drown themselves in 自怜 (z#li1n, self-pity). They should stay up late because they cant stop 哭泣 (k$q#, crying), not because they want to snatch the best deals at midnight. Plus, so many of those sales are just 糊弄人 (h&nong r9n, screwing people around). How am I supposed to know the difference between 定金 (d#ngj~n, down payment) and 订金 (d#ngj~n, deposit)? All those discounts are more complicated than rocket science! For every 尾款人 (w0iku2nr9n, people who have balance due) who is fooled by these shenanigans, I say 自求多福 (z#qi% du4f%, youre on your own)!

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