时代英语·高三 2020年5期



When I was 14, I got tired of school and left my hometown in search of my fortune in big cities. One day I was  in the street when I noticed an old beggar at the corner. After  me for some time he asked me, “Boy, come with me and I have something good for you.” Feeling  and puzzled I followed him to a small house.

The beggar first asked me to wait for a moment. A few moments later, he returned with a couple of old . “There are two things that I want to  you, young man,” said he. “The first is to never  a book by its cover, for it can fool you.” He , “I bet you think Im a , dont you, young man?” I said, “Well, uh, yes. I guess so, sir.” “You are , but Im sure you are a dropout,” he said . I got shocked.

“Well, young man, Ive got a little  for you. I am one of the  men in the world. I have probably everything any man could ever want. A year ago, my wife passed away. I  there were certain things I had not yet  in life, one of which was what it would be like to live  a beggar on the streets. For the past year, I have been going from city to city and doing just that.”

“The second is to learn how to . There is only one thing that people cant take away from you, your .” Then, he reached forward, caught my  and put them upon the books.

The beggar then  me back on the streets near where we first met. His parting  for me was to never forget what he taught me. I headed for my home that very day and returned to my school the next day.

1. A. shopping B. wandering C. running D. singing

2. A. watching B. questioning C. following D. helping

3. A. scared B. nervous C. curious D. impatient

4. A. bags B. gifts C. photos D. books

5. A. show B. teach C. lend D. give

6. A. buy B. judge C. admire D. borrow

7. A. went on B. held on C. kept up D. ended up

8. A. guide B. seller C. beggar D. writer

9. A. perfect B. smart C. confident D. wrong

10. A. naturally B. anxiously C. firmly D. happily

11. A. surprise B. test C. lesson D. joke

12. A. greatest B. wealthiest C. saddest D. kindest

13. A. doubted B. remembered C. realized D. explained

14. A. caught B. enjoyed C. used D. experienced

15. A. like B. for C. with D. by

16. A. survive B. cheat C. read D. research

17. A. health B. wisdom C. appearance D. money

18. A. arms B. legs C. shoulders D. hands

19. A. pushed B. led C. forced D. drove

20. A. image B. movement C. request D. figure


Not many 17-year-old girls know how to solder (焊) copper pipes together or light a pilot light. These are  Ive learned as an assistant to my  in his plumbing (管道) business.

My summer job deals with  that constantly cause physical and mental discomfort, and the work  an attitude of determination and patience that I frequently struggle to adopt. Each morning, I  myself into large-thick mens jeans most girls would  to wear and climb into the plumber truck. As my classmates begin their  babysitting or selling groceries, my dad and I carry  toolboxes and work in the dark basements. I often get  in messy storage boxes looking for the water meter. Nothing around is beautiful or tidy.

Sometimes I  why I stand the dust and sweat when I could be in my air-conditioned house doing summer homework. Yet as much as I  the mess of plumbing, I look down upon myself for being so easily annoyed by disorder. , the world was built by people willing to get their hands .

Five such summers have  me that the messy parts of peoples houses  the messy parts of their lives. As I learn to  the mess, I also learn to handle the  and contradictions in my adolescence. Life is a process of accepting  and learning to put it in order. Plumbing work is no different. You can see it in each newly soldered group of copper pipes. And when customers express , I understand that, in a small way, we bring  to their lives.

1. A. manners B. skills C. facts D. rules

2. A. brother B. dad C. teacher D. friend

3. A. messes B. customers C. noises D. exercises

4. A. offers B. develops C. demands D. lacks

5. A. wrestle B. lower C. squeeze D. hide

6. A. need B. adapt C. refuse D. choose

7. A. shifts B. studies C. meetings D. travels

8. A. fancy B. tidy C. expensive D. heavy

9. A. injured B. absorbed C. lost D. interested

10. A. know B. question C. imagine D. remember

11. A. see B. clean C. hate D. create

12. A. Or rather B. At least C. After all D. In addition

13. A. full B. dirty C. firm D. free

14. A. taught B. promised C. advised D. guaranteed

15. A. examine B. divide C. reduce D. reflect

16. A. sort out B. care about C. hunt for D. give up

17. A. arrangements B. uncertainties C. competitions D. expectations

18. A. failure B. help C. change D. chaos

19. A. sympathy B. concern C. disapproval D. appreciation

20. A. peace B. success C. wonder D. order


As a banker, Chip Paillex had never planted so much until he moved to rural Pittstown, New Jersey, seven years ago.  by farms, he quickly became interested in growing and rented a 30-by-30-foot land. One weekend, he   tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant—enough to feed his family for the summer.

He ended up with so much  that he couldnt give it away. Thus he found a local food , and by the time he delivered his last harvest, he had  120 pounds of fresh vegetables.

The following year, with a handful of  from his church and a memorable name “Americas Grow-a-Row”, Paillex planted, , and harvested 2,500 pounds of vegetables, all of which he donated to food banks. Later he had more volunteers, rented more  and donated more vegetables.

Paillex also  local school kids. On a  Friday morning in May, 40 third and fifth graders trooped onto a freshly plowed field, each  with a spade. Squatting or kneeling in teams of two, they loosened the dirt, then carefully  the plants. Several rows later, they eagerly lined up to seed corn under a hot midmorning sun. Nobody  .

“The  makes kids know there are people ,” said Paillex. “When they become tomorrows , it will be much more possible for them to  their coworkers and employees to get  in something like this.”

“Paillex makes people want to ,” said Colleen Duerr, a mother of two who has signed on as an  “Grow-a-Row” member. “And families love this. Paillex has given us a way to raise our kids with a giving heart.”

1. A. Trapped B. Surrounded    C. Prevented      D. Occupied

2. A. tasted B. collected C. picked      D. planted

3. A. advice      B. produce      C. cost        D. time

4. A. bank        B. market      C. shop        D. factory

5. A. donated      B. sold        C. found        D. weighed

6. A. neighbors    B. employees    C. volunteers      D. tourists

7 . A. delivered B. stored    C. bought D. tended

8 . A. food B. land    C. grain D. crop

9. A. employed      B. welcomes    C. chooses      D. knows

10. A. cloudless      B. snowy        C. foggy        D. rainy

11. A. compared    B. combined      C. filled D. armed

12. A. spread B. counted      C. positioned D. pulled

13. A. laughed B. complained      C. cried D. competed

14. A. program B. example    C. lesson        D. thought

15. A. at risk B. in danger      C. on business    D. in need

16. A. farmers B. workers C. leaders  D. owners

17. A. force        B. encourage      C. order D. force

18. A. locked    B. moved    C. involved    D. turned

19. A. grow    B. relax    C. settle D. help

20. A. unpaid    B. unexpected    C. unseen    D. unknown


I believe in miracles because Ive seen so many of them.

One day, a patient was referred to me who was one hundred and two years old. “Theres a  in my upper jaw,” she said. “I told my own dentist its nothing, but he  I come to see you.”

Her eighty-year-old son accompanied her. He wanted to add something, but she stopped him. She wanted to  everything herself. I found a large cancer that  over much of the roof of her mouth. A careful examination later  that it was a particularly bad sort of cancer.

During her next appointment, I explained to her the  of the problem. She clasped my hand in hers and said, “I know youre  about me, but Im just fine.”

I thought otherwise. After considerable  on my part, and kindness on her part because she wanted to  me, she agreed to have me refer her to a cancer surgeon. She saw him, but as I predicted,  the treatment.

About six months later she returned to my office, still energetic and .

“How are you?” I asked.

“Im just fine, honey,” she responded in high .

Surprised to see her at all, I answered , “Let me take a look in your mouth and well see about it.”

I couldnt believe my eyes. The cancer that had  nearly the entire roof of her mouth was gone—only one small area of redness .

I had  of such things happening, but had never seen them with my own eyes. That was my first . Since then Ive seen many others, because they keep getting  to see. In fact, miracles are daily events for me now. And people are miracle, for through them we have a chance to know ourselves and to  the miracles of one another.

Since my first miracle, Ive come to understand that the time and place for a miracle is  we choose to find it.

1. A. cut B. pain C. wound D. cancer

2. A. declared B. admitted C. promised D. insisted

3. A. learn B. take C. tell D. manage

4. A. spread B. came C. brought D. left

5. A. confirmed B. explained C. reminded D. meant

6. A. possibility B. importance C. seriousness D. result

7. A. curious B. sure C. worried D. sorry

8. A. permission B. support C. approval D. effort

9. A. persuade B. please C. encourage D. astonish

10. A. declined B. provided C. consulted D. required

11. A. healthy B. independent C. optimistic D. strong

12. A. position B. spirits C. quality D. pressure

13. A. eagerly B. confusedly C. patiently D. confidently

14. A. covered B. reached C. controlled D. filled

15. A. cured B. appeared C. expanded D. remained

16. A. thought B. dreamt C. talked D. read

17. A. case B. treatment C. miracle D. lesson

18. A. easier B. better C. happier D. closer

19. A. hear B. make C. keep D. see

20. A. whatever B. wherever C. whoever D. whichever


I had a habit of skipping to the last page of a book. I just wanted to see how it1while I was still in the middle of it. This habit2first my mom, then my friends, and3even my own daughter. Often my4wouldnt be limited just to the books I read but also to what others were5as well. Then one day my daughter told me in anger, “Dad, please just read a book one6at a time like everyone else!”

At times I didnt7this bad habit to just reading books either. I also tried to skip ahead in my own life and8out what to do months or even years from now instead of9each day at present. Although I knew that the book of my10wasnt done yet and that I had many pages11to go, I still couldnt12my burning desire to write the ending of it halfway through. Time and time again, I would13jump ahead and try to solve every potential problem before it happened. Life, however, doesnt work like that. It loves to14us, and you never know what new problems, changes, or opportunities each15day will bring about.

Recently when I found myself living in the16again, I felt a voice that gently told me I needed to “ 17one day at a time”. When I heard those words, I18 , turned the book of my life to the19page, and thanked God for today.

Each of us has to20the book of life line by line, moment by moment and trust that our story will be brought to its perfect end.

1. A. happened B. developed C. ended D. appeared

2. A. confused B. annoyed C. scared D. interested

3. A. usually B. obviously C. accidentally D. finally

4. A. impatience B. misunderstanding C. disappointment D. disagreement

5. A. saying B. reading C. thinking D. watching

6. A. page B. copy C. chapter D. edition

7. A. contribute B. devote C. apply D. limit

8. A. pick B. figure C. give D. turn

9. A. learning B. skipping C. enjoying D. spending

10. A. life B. plan C. work D. study

11. A. forgotten B. left C. kept D. asked

12. A. follow B. stand C. control D. comment

13. A. consciously B. strangely C. foolishly D. quietly

14. A. surprise B. cheat C. betray D. frighten

15. A. ordinary B. new C. important D. long

16. A. present B. future C. memory D. dream

17. A. choose B. remember C. correct D. live

18. A. regretted B. cried C. hesitated D. smiled

19. A. last B. hopeful C. colorful D. right

20. A. write B. review C. explain D. understand


In recent weeks customers have been queuing at Donut City, starting at 4:30 am, to buy dozens of doughnuts (甜甜圈). Customers say the doughnuts are1 . But the taste is not the reason why theyve been waiting in2to buy them.

It started a few weeks ago, when customers started noticing that something was3 .

Every day for the past 28 years, the friendly husband-and-wife4of Donut City—Stella and John Chhan—have stood behind the counter selling doughnuts. But then one day, Stella Chhan wasnt there.

When customers enquired, John Chhan, 62, told them Stella had fallen ill and was5in a nursing home. He would visit his wife once all the doughnuts were6 .

Dawn Caviola, a7of Donut City, thought if8people would buy a dozen doughnuts every morning, John Chhan could close early and go to9his wife.

After Caviola posted the10on the neighborhood message board, neighbors and fans responded in a positive way. They started11up in the dark, ordering dozens of doughnuts.

Jenee Rogers has been a12Donut City customer for the past 20 years. She saw a local news story about the 13to help the Chhans, which included trying to set up a GoFundMe page to14money to help the Chhans, but they15the offer. Rogers said she and all of her friends started to spread the word to go to the shop16and buy doughnuts.

When Stella Chhan17fell ill a few weeks ago, John Chhan said, she couldnt speak and had trouble18 . Now shes talking some and can sit down on her own and she is getting better and better.

In a phone interview, John Chhan expressed how thankful he is to his19customers.

“I20it,” he said. “I just cant say enough thank you and thank you.”

1. A. cheap B. delicious C. smelly D. juicy

2. A. line B. exchange C. panic D. return

3. A. astonishing B. interesting C. awkward D. wrong

4. A. customers B. neighbors C. owners D. waiters

5. A. resting B. volunteering C. recovering D. visiting

6. A. taken out B. sold out C. called off D. put off

7. A. worker B. citizen C. reporter D. fan

8. A. most B. enough C. thoughtful D. warm-hearted

9. A. accompany B. praise C. encourage D. find

10. A. choice B. activity C. idea D. advertisement

11. A. turning B. looking C. messing D. making

12. A. modest B. regular C. responsible D. strict

13. A. command B. courage C. effort D. ability

14. A. raise B. earn C. save D. borrow

15. A. sacrificed B. advocated C. delayed D. declined

16. A. early B. rarely C. mainly D. frequently

17. A. eventually B. initially C. occasionally D. gradually

18. A. listening B. watching C. tasting D. moving

19. A. honest B. generous C. polite D. considerate

20. A. regret B. mean C. appreciate D. deserve


After 21 years of marriage, Bill Henrichs and Mary Ziegler concluded that they were no longer a good match. The couple politely divorced in 1995 and went their1ways, but they continued to see each other when meeting their    2at their school and sporting events. One day, though, she and Henrichs learned they were a3in a different way.

Henrichss kidneys (腎) were4 , and he was in need of a5 . After nearly 40 family members and friends were tested as possible6 , the result surprised all—only one person7to be a perfect match—Ziegler.

So on Oct. 16 more than four decades after they said “I do”, she and Henrichs, 62, were8into an operating room. And one of Zieglers healthy kidneys was9and given to her ex-husband. The surgery went well, and the transplant (移植器官) is10well and continuing to improve as Mr Henrichs11from the surgery. Henrichs was beyond grateful for his ex-wifes sympathy and12 , but he was also worried in the hours before the13 .

Just three weeks after the transplant, she was back to work and doing yoga—a quick turnaround considering that the14kidney donator needs a healing period of six to eight15 . “This entire experience has brought us all16 .” She and Henrichs hope that by sharing their story, other17will realize that divorce is not always a reason to18ties.

“Divorce is divorce. But theres no reason to19 ,” Henrichs said. “There are lots of reasons why its20to get along.” He pauses and laughs. “Someday, you just might need a kidney.”

1. A. separate B. peaceful C. opposite D. favorite

2. A. parents B. friends C. kids D. neighbors

3. A. surprise B. match C. partner D. wish

4. A. failing B. decreasing C. dying D. fading

5. A. struggle B. supporter C. transplant D. receiver

6. A. advocates B. donators C. volunteers D. fellows

7. A. set up B. showed up C. tried out D. turned out

8. A. wheeled B. called C. led D. dragged

9. A. carried B. changed C. selected D. removed

10. A. reacting B. functioning C. beating D. living

11. A. refreshes B. returns C. remains D. recovers

12. A. enthusiasm B. generosity C. optimism D. honesty

13. A. marriage B. departure C. surgery D. decision

14. A. routine B. kind C. uncommon D. average

15. A. treatments B. times C. weeks D. operations

16. A. closer B. easier C. deeper D. healthier

17. A. relatives B. schoolmates C. families D. children

18. A. cut down B. put off C. put down D. cut off

19. A. disturb B. quarrel C. regret D. refuse

20. A. important B. optional C. easy D. tough


After typhoon, I went to the disaster-stricken area to look after rescued animals. There I met Lucy, another1 .

Lucy operates an animal2center. When I came to her website, I3a picture of Victor, a dog. I asked Lucy about Victor. She told me that she rescued Victor from a4man whod thrown him around and put him into a tiny box. Victor had5on Lucys lap for several hours while she assured him he was safe and6to find him a loving home.

I decided to7Victor. I renamed him “Chase” for his8for chasing everything. Months later, Chases love for people and his9nature led us to earn a therapy-dog certification and start a10program at the local11 .

Kids read out to Chase to12their skills. Sometimes, even a kid who is13with reading will be comfortable doing so to a dog.

One little girl jumped up and down when she saw Chase entering the library. Her joyful enthusiasm made me14 . When Chase greeted her with a15 , she clapped and said, “Look, Mommy, hes bowing!” Chase gave her his undivided16while she read him a story. When her time was up, she signed up to read again.

Im17for everything about Chase that made this girl jump so happily. I hadnt18him to bow; hed bowed naturally. Id known the library visits would be about helping kids learn to read. But I hadnt realized what a19builder those visits would be for kids who were shy or didnt fit in. Chase was also a wonderful ambassador (形象大使) for dogs—teaching kids to be loving and20to animals.

1. A. journalist B. teacher C. doctor D. volunteer

2. A. health B. rescue C. treatment D. recovery

3. A. studied B. took C. viewed D. commented

4. A. noble-minded B. ill-willed C. bad-tempered D. tender-hearted

5. A. trembled B. depended C. slept D. barked

6. A. promised B. managed C. failed D. pretended

7. A. support B. adopt C. accompany D. meet

8. A. hope B. talent C. desire D. passion

9. A. gentle B. restless C. competitive D. ambitious

10. A. writing B. comforting C. reading D. learning

11. A. library B. school C. hospital D. nursery

12. A. discover B. examine C. search D. practice

13. A. arguing B. dealing C. struggling D. working

14. A. weep B. smile C. think D. stay

15. A. bow B. gift C. wave D. shake

16. A. benefit B. interest C. affection D. attention

17. A. careful B. regretful C. grateful D. pitiful

18. A. asked B. trained C. invited D. chosen

19. A. experience B. confidence C. appreciation D. fortune

20. A. honest B. familiar C. loyal D. caring