70 Days in a Lifeboat


考试与评价·七年级版 2020年6期


When Steven woke up, it was hot and the sun was bright. He was in the bottom of his life raft (筏) and very uncomfortable. What day was it? Steven didn't know exactly. He guessed that his boat sank (沉没) about 70 days before. If that was true, it was sometime in late April now. Seventy days was a long time to be alone in a lifeboat. Steven didn't want to think about it. His situation was very bad. He had no food or water. He was alone in the Atlantic Ocean. His life raft had a hole in it and was slowly losing air. He was probably going to die.

Steven worked every day. The work helped him not to think about his situation. But today, he was too weak and tired to work. He needed to put more air in the life raft. It was too much work. He had no strength. He had nothing to eat. His last meal of dried fish was two days ago. He needed to catch more fish. That was too much work, too. He was tired. He wanted to give up. He really was going to die.

Steven looked out of his life raft. That was land! He could see land! He was safe! Soon Steven could see a small fishing boat. It was coming towards him. When the fishermen brought him to land, it was the happiest day of Steven's life.


1. We can infer from Paragraph 1 that Steven's boat sank in ________.

A. February        B. March          C. April            D. September

2. Which was NOT one of Steven's problems?

A. He was hungry.      B. The fishermen didn't see him.

C. He had no strength.  D. His life raft had a hole in it.

3. Why didn't Steven put more air into his raft?

A. It had a hole in it. B. He was too weak and tired.

C. He had to work. D. He didn't want to think about it.

4. The underlined word “It” in the paragraph three refers to ________.

A. the fishing boat      B. his situation      C. lifeboat          D. land

5. What is the main idea of this passage?

A. Fishermen saved Steven after more than 70 days at sea.

B. How Steven was saved by the fishermen.

C. Steven was weak and tired in the Atlantic Ocean.

D. Steven had an accident and broke his leg.


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