Planning Healthy Lunches


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How do you plan your lunches? What do you have to do to keep yourself, and your children, away from poor lunch choices at school and at work?

A nutritious lunch is important for every one at work and school.

“Making healthy lunches takes me 10 minutes in the morning, and buying unhealthy cafeteria food takes me 10 minutes in the afternoon,” says Wendy Potkay, a busy mum and district manager. “Its so easy to turn to eating greasy or fatty foods when youre upset or on a deadline. But after a while, you realize if you must push something into your mouth, it might as well be healthy.”

How do you fulfill this achievement that defeats so many? And how do you do it in less than 10 minutes? What are the tips for a healthy lunch? Well, in fact, planning—not much is needed —is the key to it. To borrow an old expression, there are three keys to a healthy lunch: planning, planning and planning.

1. Plan lunches with an assortment of whole grains, fruit and vegetables.

2. Plan a weeks lunches in advance to make shopping easier. Make a list, and follow it. Dont give in to the temptation(诱惑) to buy extra sweets, junk food or fatty meat.

3. Plan for the next days lunch the night before. Time is tight in the morning, and rushing through lunch preparation often means lack of nutrition or even buying something from vending machines (自動贩卖机) and drive-through  windows  of fast-food  restaurants.

Jane Ziegler, a working mother and nutritionist, also supports the idea of planning. “I wash and cut vegetables as soon as I get home from the store to cut down on the mess(混乱) when Im ready to make sandwiches,” she says.


1. In the passage, the author intends to tell us

that                                      .

2. Find in the passage a word closest in meaning to the underlined word “greasy”.


3. 翻译文章中的划线句子。


4. 用短文中的适当短语完成下列句子。

1) 你必须预先付书的钱。

You must pay for the book __________.

2) 这道甜食我还是不吃了吧。

I __________ give the sweet course a miss.

3) 我有困难时总是找他帮忙。

When I am in trouble, I always __________ him for help.


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