Club Recruitment


考试与评价·七年级版 2020年1期


注:recruitment 招募

1. Tom can swim and he likes playing with kids. Which club can be join?

A. The music club. B. The Chess club. C. The Swimming club.  D. None of the above.

2. Who can teach you to play chess?

A. Mr. Cool.  B. Mike.          C. Mary.          D. Mrs. Cool.

3. John wants to join the chess club. When does he go there?

A. On Saturday morning.            B. On Saturday afternoon.

C. On Sunday morning.            D. On Sunday afternoon.

4. Anna wants to join the music club. What number should she call?

A. 0358—2236 B. 0415-7576 C. 0358-2238 D. 0315-2275

5. Can Lisa come to the music club on Monday?

A. Yes, she can.            B. No, she cant.

C. She can come every day.      D. We dont know.


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