考试与评价·高二版 2020年6期

浙江杭州 陈兰娥

1. interrupt [Intpt]

vt. 打断;打扰;

Don't interrupt the speaker; ask your questions afterwards. 不要打断演讲者, 结束后你再问问题。

I wish you wouldn't interrupt me all the time. 我希望你不要总是打扰我。

vt. 中断;阻断

Traffic was interrupted by floods. 交通被洪水阻断了。

vi. 打断;打扰

Sorry to interrupt, but there is someone to see you. 对不起打扰一下,有人要见你。

派生词interruption [C] 打断;打搅;使中断的事

Numerous interruptions have prevented me from finishing the work. 无数干扰使我未能完成工作。

【考题链接】 A woman excused the ______ and handed me an envelope.


2. acute [kju:t]

adj. 敏锐的;灵敏的

His hearing is so acute that he can even hear a pin drop. 他的听觉非常灵敏,能听到一根针落地的声音。

adj. 剧烈的;厉害的

The pain was acute, and I couldn't forgive Denny for leaving me. 那是剧烈的伤痛,我不能原谅丹尼离我而去。

adj. 严重的;(疾病)急性的

There is an acute shortage of food. 那里食物匮乏。

派生词acutely adv. 尖锐地;剧烈地

Those tensions have been felt most acutely by women. 这种紧张的氛围最能够被女性深切地感受到。

【考题链接】 A new review based on a research shows that ______ stress affects the way the brain considers the advantages and disadvantages.


3. assume

vt. 假定;设想;认为

Let's assume the statement to be true. 让我们假设这个说法是正确的。

So we think it is reasonable to assume they lived in these caves, regardless of the cold. 因此,我们有理由认为他们不顾严寒就住在这些洞穴里。

vt. 呈现;装出(……的样子)

He assumed an air of concern. 他装出关心的样子。

派生词 assumption [C] 假定;假设

The assumption that human clones have already been born hasn't been proved yet. 克隆人已經问世的假设还没有被证实。

【考题链接】 Why do we often ______ that more is more when it comes to kids and their belongings?


4. regardless

adv. 不管;不顾

Despite her recent surgery, she has been carrying on regardless. 尽管最近做了手术,她还是不顾一切地进行下去。

adj. 不注意的;不顾的

He is regardless of his appearance. 他不在乎他的外表。

regardless of不注意;不顾

It takes in anybody regardless of religion, color, or creed. 任何人,不论宗教、肤色或信仰,都可以加入。

Regardless of whether he is right or wrong, we have to abide by his decisions. 不管他正确与否,我们都得服从他的决定。

【考题链接】 ______ of the weather or the distance, Paul Wilson will make sure low-income students in his neighborhood arrive at their college classes on time.


5. arrest

vt. 逮捕;拘留

A man has been arrested in connection with the robbery. 一名男子因与这桩抢劫案有关已被拘留。

She was arrested for drug-related offences. 她因涉嫌毒品犯罪而被逮捕。

vt. 阻止;中止

They failed to arrest the company's decline. 他们未能阻止公司的衰落。

vt. 吸引(注意)

An unusual noise arrested his attention. 一阵不寻常的嘈杂声引起了他的注意。

vi. 心跳停止

He arrested on the way to the hospital. 他在送往医院途中停止了心跳。

[U, C] 逮捕;拘捕

She was under arrest on suspicion of murder. 她因涉嫌谋杀而被逮捕。

易混辨析arrest, capture, catch与seize

arrest指对罪犯或犯罪嫌疑人进行拘捕并予以监禁或拘留;capture 指通过使用武力或计谋等捉住人或动物并将其关押;catch  是普通用词,多指通过追踪、武力、突袭等捉住跑动或隐藏中的人或动物;seize  指突然而有力地抓取。

He was arrested by the police. 他被警察逮捕了。

He was captured in a battle. 他在一次战斗中被俘。

The police caught the thief. 警察抓住了那个窃贼。

Suddenly the little girl seized his arm. 那个小女孩突然抓住他的胳膊。

【考题链接】 She was put under house

______ two years ago but remained a powerful symbol in last year's election.


6. identify [aIdentIfaI]

vt. 确认;认出;鉴定

She was able to identify her attacker. 她认出了袭击她的人。

First of all we must identify the problem areas. 首先我们必须找出问题所在。

vt. 找到;发现

Scientists have identified a link between diet and cancer. 科学家们发现了饮食与癌症之间的关联。

vt. 显示;说明身份

Please identify yourself and the name of your organization. 请报出各位的姓名及单位。

派生词identification [U] 认出;识别;身份的证明

Early identification of a disease can prevent death and illness. 疾病的及早诊断可以避免死亡与病痛。

易混辨析identify, recognize与distinguish

identify 指确认、认出、鉴定;recognize 指认识、认出、辨别出;distinguish(通常用于否定句)指看清、认出、听出、区分出。

Police have already identified around 10 murder suspects. 警方已经确认了大约10名谋杀案嫌疑犯。

I recognized him as soon as he came in the room. 他一进屋我就认出了他。

She could not distinguish the make of the car in the fading light. 她在渐暗的暮色中看不清楚汽车的型号。

【考题链接】 If you feel stressed by responsibilities at work, you should take a step back and ______ those importance.


7. accuracy

[U] 准确(度);精密(性)

They questioned the accuracy of the information in the file. 他們怀疑档案中信息的准确性。

She hits the ball with great accuracy. 她击球十分准确。

派生词 accurate adj. 精确的

My watch is not very accurate. 我的表走得不很准。

inaccuracy [U] 不准确(度);不精密(性)

If you compare the translation with the original, you will find the inaccuracy. 如果你把译文和原文比对一下,你就会找到不准确的地方。

【考题链接】 Also, you need to check the ______ of your particular project.


8. scratch

vt. 挠;搔(痒处)

John yawned and scratched his chin. 约翰打个哈欠,挠挠下巴。

vt. 划破,抓破,划伤,抓伤(皮肤)

She scratched herself on a nail. 她在钉子上划了一下。

vt. (尤指意外地)擦破,划损,刮坏

The car's paintwork is badly scratched. 车的漆面划损得很厉害。

vi. 搔;抓

Hens scratch for worms. 母鸡扒寻虫子。


Her hands were covered in scratches from the brambles. 她手上布满了荆棘划的口子。

【考题链接】 Then he rearranged several items on the shelf of the hall closet and set it down gingerly, so as not to ______ the carved handle.


9. analysis

[U, C](对事物的)分析,分析结果

The book is an analysis of poverty and its causes. 这本书分析了贫困及其原因。

[U, C](对物质的)分析

The blood samples are sent to the laboratory for analysis. 血样被送往实验室进行分析。

You can ask for a chemical analysis of your tap water. 你可以要求给你的自来水做化学分析。

in the final/last analysis 归根结底;总之

In the final analysis, it's a matter of personal choice. 归根结底,这是个人的选择。

【考题链接】 According to the ______ of Babbitt's team, old desktop monitors and box TVs are the worst devices with their energy consumption.


10. significance

[U, C] 重要性;意義

The new drug has great significance for the treatment of the disease. 这种新药对于这种病的治疗有重大的意义。

They discussed the statistical significance of the results. 他们讨论了这些结果在统计学上的意义。

[U, C] 意思;含义

She couldn't grasp the full significance of what he had said. 她未能充分领会他那番话的意思。

—Do these symbols have any particular significance? 这些符号有什么特别的含义吗?

—Religious significance. 宗教意义。

派生词significant adj. 有重大意义的;显著的

Police said there had been a significant development in the case. 警方说此案已经有了重大进展。

易混辨析significance, implication与importance

significance 着重指内在的或对未来的意义、重要性;implication 指未直接表达出的暗含之意;importance 是普通用词,指某事物具有的重大价值、意义、影响等。

He has realized the true significance of her actions. 他已经认识到了她的行动的重要性。

What are the implications of this statement? 这一声明的含意是什么?

The test is of special importance. 这次试验特别重要。

These letters are of no importance. 这些信件没有意义。

【考题链接】 Scientific and Cultural Organization recently set April 30 as a day to raise awareness of jazz music, its ______, and its potential as a unifying(联合) voice across cultures.