命运 使我们走到一起


阅读与作文(英语高中版) 2020年8期

Fate有命运、天命、结局、覆灭、灾难、死亡的意思。有人相信命运天注定,有人相信命运掌握在自己手里,而我相信是命运使我们走到一起,加入到CS这个大家庭里。在本期《小词大义》,我们来脑补一下关于fate的短语:abandon sb. to his fate(听任某人由命运摆布);as sure as fate(千真万确地);decide ones fate(决定某人的命运);fix ones fate(决定某人的命运);go to ones fate(死亡;自取灭亡);have sb.s fate in ones hand(掌握着某人的命运);meet ones fate(死;送死;遇到命里注定要成为自己妻子的女人);No flying from the fate.([谚]劫数难逃);please the fates(如果情况许可;若是一切顺利);share the same fate(遭受同样的命运);take ones fate into ones own hand(掌握自己的命运)。

Fate is a word that can be hard to understand. Fate, to describe it simply, means that something is meant to be.

Fate is a word that has weight. It has power. When we say sealed ones fate we mean a person has done something that has guaranteed a certain end result—usually a bad one. Sometimes the result is even a fate worse than death, such as in this example:

A: He totally destroyed his business and now hes going to jail. And for him, prison is a fate worse than death.

B: Well, if he would rather die than go to prison, he should not have stolen that money from his investors. When he did that, he sealed his own fate.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary says fate is a “power that is believed to control what happens in the future.” In fact, fate is so powerful that people are warned not to tempt fate.

To tempt fate means to do something that involves a risk. Or, it means to be too sure about something. That extreme confidence may cause something unpleasant to happen.

Here is a true story. While on vacation in Thailand I met a woman who tempted fate by swimming around a rocky coastline at night. We warned her that she would not make it. And she didnt. She floated in the ocean all night. A fishing boat rescued her the next morning. She was lucky. Her fate could have been much different.

Fate can also change quickly and send your life in a direction you did not plan. When we say something is a twist of fate, we mean something strange or unexpected has happened. But more than that—the outcome was meant, or fated, to happen.

When something goes wrong, we often say it was ill-fated, or doomed from the very start. For instance, the Titanic started its ill-fated journey with much celebration and excitement.

No one thought for a moment that its fate would be to lie at the bottom of the ocean. But by a terrible twist of fate, the great ship hit a huge block of ice in the ocean and quickly sank.

A twist of fate does not always mean something bad is meant to happen. Sometimes fate is romantic. Fate and love often go hand in hand. Many people trust fate when looking for their life partner, their soul mate. Others may use online dating services. This man trusted fate.

A: How did you meet your wife?

B: I met my wife completely by accident. She boarded the wrong airplane and was sitting in my seat. As soon as I saw her. I cant explain it. I knew we would be married one day.

A: Hmm. Was it an accident? Or a strange twist of fate?

B: Ive never thought about it that way. Maybe I was destined to meet her all along.

Fate may have served that couple well. But sometimes fate leaves a lover out in the cold.

seal sb.s fate 意思是決定某人的命运。

a fate worse than death 意思是比死还糟糕的命运。

tempt (ones) fate 意思是冒险,冒不必要的险。

a twist of fate 意思是命运之转折;命运的扭转。

ill-fated 意思是不幸的;遭受厄运的。