This 11?year?old student brings joy to seniors one wish at a time 11岁学生助梦养老院


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11岁的Ruby Kate Chitsey在母亲Amanda的帮助下,通过自己的努力帮助养老院的老人们实现三个愿望,让我们一起来看看吧!

"If you could have any three things, what would you want?” Eleven-year-old Ruby Kate Chitsey loves asking that question, but its not a game she plays at recess(休息). She asks it at nursing homes in the Harrison where she lives. Even more amazing, she then sets out to make the residents wishes come true.

Last May, Ruby Kate noticed a resident named Pearl staring out a window. She seemed sad. “What are you looking at?” Ruby Kate asked. Pearl said she was watching her dog being led away by his new owner after a visit. Pearl didnt know when she would see her dog again.

Ruby Kate and her mother, Amanda asked around and discovered that the nursing home didnt allow residents to have dogs and Pearl couldnt afford to pay anyone to look after hers. The Chitseys also learned that many nursing home residents are unable to afford even the smallest luxuries. So Ruby Kate decided to do something about it.

She started by asking residents what three things they wanted most in the world. At first, Amanda doubted whether that people would ask for cars and other things an 11-year-old wouldnt be able to provide. Instead, they asked for chocolate bars, McDonalds fries, and even just a prayer.

“It broke me as a human,” Amanda says. “We left the nursing home that day and went straight to a store and bought as many items as we could.” Using their own money, the Chitseys granted the wishes of about 100 people in three months. Then they started asking for donations.

The good people of Harrison responded enthusiastically so that Amanda set up a GoFundMe page, Three Wishes for Rubys Residents, hoping to collect $5,000. And, they hit their goal in a month.

Ruby Kate says, “I consider kindness to be my hobby, and Im not the only youngster with a hobby of kindness.?” At one New York High School,?students turned a single dollar into a truly inspirational act of kindness.


Reading Check

1. Why does the author want to help the nursing home residents?

A. It brings her material rewards.

B. It gives her a sense of duty.

C. It enables Pearl to keep her dog continually.

D. It helps many residents cover basic expenses.

2. What was Rubys mother attitude towards her daughter's activity according to Para. 4?

A. She is approval of it.

B. She is uncertain about it.

C. She is tired of it.

D. She is nervous about it.

3. What is the purpose of setting up the GoFundMe page?________

A.?To strengthen neighbors relationships.

B.?To sharpen the authors social skills.

C.?To raise more money to help the residents.

D.?To link community activities with school education.

4. Which of the following words can best describe Ruby Kate?________

A.?Humorous.?????  B.?Calm. ????????C.?Caring.??????????D.?Demanding.

Language Study


1. achieve/realize/accomplish/go for ones dream

May you achieve your dream!  祝你梦想成真!

2. ones dream come true

May all your dreams come true! 祝你梦想成真!


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