An Apple And A Great Scientist 牛顿——苹果“砸”出的科学家


阅读(快乐英语高年级) 2020年5期


Newton was a great scientist. He was born in a farmers family in 1643 in England. When he was only 3 months old, his father died. When he was 2, his mother left him to his grandparents. His childhood(童年) was very lonely(孤独的). Newton liked making things, like windmills(風车), waterwheels(水车) and clocks. He was also very interested in nature(自然). When Newton was in middle school, he had to leave school because his family was poor. But he kept on(继续) studying on his own. His uncle was moved(感动) and sent him back to school.

When Newton was 19, he came to a world famous(著名的) college, Cambridge University(剑桥大学). He studied very hard there. He became a professor(教授) when he was 26. Since then(从那以后), Newton had great successes(成功) in math, physics(物理) and astronomy(天文学).

When an apple falls on your head, what will you do? When an apple fell on Newtons head, a question came into his mind(头脑,脑海). Why do things fall down but not fall up? Newton not only(不仅) asked “why”, but also(而且) tried very hard to figure it out(解决). Then he discovered(发现) the Law of Gravity(万有引力定律).

● Calculus(微积分): It helps people to do complex(复杂的) movement questions(变量问题).

● Law of Gravity(万有引力定律): Every two things in the universe(宇宙) attract(吸引) each other.

● Optics(光学): Mix(混合) different colors together, we will get white light.

Newton always focused(集中) on his research(研究) and forgot other things. One day, Newton asked some friends to have dinner in his house. When his friends came, they saw only dishes(菜肴), but they couldnt find Newton. They ate everything and left. When Newton came to the table finally(最终), he saw the empty dishes and said, “Oh, I had dinner already!”

Once, little Newton made a kite. He set it on fire and then flew it at night. His neighbors thought(以为) it was a comet(彗星).


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