A Teaching Plan —— How to Write a Summary of an Exposition


学校教育研究 2020年13期


Business materials: PPT, Students handouts, Ss Exercise Books

Lesson Objectives:

1.  Ss will be able to identify some writing skills of writing a summary of an exposition article.

2. Ss will be able to demonstrate their writings by using the skills they will have learned in the class -finding out the key points, main idea, structure and write a processed summary, using the keywords and their own languages.

II. Warming-ups& objective Discussion:

Leading in: A student demonstrates the summary of a film, a book or a TV program preferred in less than 3 minutes, using the acquired skills of giving a brief introduction of a narrative story theyve learned in the previous lessons, covering the 6 elements of writing a brief introduction of a narrative story-who, when, where, what, how, why

Definition: -T: An exposition is an article involving giving an introduction of a particular thing, a process, or a social issue occurring in an order of time, place or logic

Today we mainly talk about a social issue occurring in logic.





递进Progressive writing

转折Turning writing

因果Cause and effect

列举listing examples





因果Cause and effect

举例Listing examples



Look through the passage- Decide the logical structure- Identify the main idea- Find out the key points ( key paragraph, sentences, phrases, and words)-Note- taking summary- Processed summary- Proof reading

Passage 1 Technology

Summary: Technological change affects peoples behavior, but not their attitudes. (要點1) parents today are said to be overly-protective of their grown children, but actually, there would be as much involvement in the past if grandparents could enjoy the convenience of technology.(要点2)。 Finances remain the most frequent subject of communication between parents and children. (要点3) to conclude, technology accounts for greater parent involvement, not parents stronger desire or attitude.(要点4) Pair work: Ss helps each other to match the key points in the summary with the paragraphs or the sentences or the key words or phrases referred to in the passage

VI. Guided Practice

Passage 2: Open Education

Summary: Open education is a way of teaching allowing students to learn what they are interested in without many rules. (要点1) It allows students to be responsible for their own education, enjoy learning and be happier (要点2) But many students cant prove themselves good in open classrooms because they cant adapt to numerous choices.(要点3) Besides, some teachers dont like it.(要点4) The writer thinks it is theoretical but not so good in a real class and most students want some structure in their classes.(要点5)

Students demonstrate and checking their summaries according to the possible vision. Much attention should be paid to when making a summary by reorganizing the main idea, structure, and the key points

VII. Independent Practice

Passage 3 AI

Evaluation Rubrics: 3= Excellent  2= Good;1= OK

Main idea

Key Points

Structure coherence

Key sentences, key words & phrases

Possible version 3: Artificial intelligence is rapidly gaining complexity and intelligence. (要点1) Machines with AI will replace considerable current labor- intensive jobs and work that need data analysis. (要點2) Whats more,  AL is bringing about transformation in health care industry, the economy and the present lifestyle.(要点3) However, its massively dangerous if destructive weapons are equipped with AI(要点4) Anyway, its inevitable that AI will continuously change our life, but we humans must use it to benefit rather than hurt ourselves.

VIII. Assessment (next class)

Students write a summary by their own each without referring to others.

Passage 4 Doing Study Alone or with Company

Possible version: Studying alone may have some bad effects, which can make you tired of your work. (要点1) So it is necessary to find a partner when you study. (要点2)But we should get rid of the distractions it may cause. Not only should we avoid working with people who are idle or bored, but we should also keep away from people doing activities that attract you. (要点3)Also, staying with people can make you feel less lonely. (要点4)

Teachers guidance: Problem- analysis- solution