阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2020年6期


We Are Families

It is known to all that China is a great big old country, which has profound culture. As a result, the diversity of culture makes this country charming. There are fifty-six minorities and all of them have different features. Many foreigners come to China and they are attracted by the diversity. For example, the scenery is different in areas. We have green and high mountains and amazing historical relics. Whats more, Chinese food is famous around the world. The unity of the minorities makes our country become stronger. Every Chinese knows that we are families and will fight for the countrys future. We have the responsibility to keep the country peaceful.


The Importance of Green

Nowadays, the environment has been polluted seriously. Take my hometown for example, when I was very small, I could swim in the river and catch fish, but now, the water is very dirty and there are full of trash. The government has made many action to return the green and it is everybodys duty to bring the world some green. March 12th is the tree planting day and students are called to plant trees. I take part in this activity all the time and the trees I grew last year have grown much taller. I am so proud of making the world green. Without it, we could not live for long.


I Have Grown Up

Last week, our teacher gave us a task. We needed to interview some people and collect different opinions. At first, I felt it a difficult task, because I was such a shy person that I dared not to talk to strangers. In order to finish the task, I cooperated with my classmates. They helped me to ask people for a second, then I started to talk with them in a comfortable way. I felt much eased soon and no longer felt shy. Now I get over my fear and become stronger. This is the good sign of growing up. I am so thankful to my classmates. Without their help, I wont go that far.


Why Are You So Happy

I have a friend. She is a charming girl and everybody likes to talk with her. In fact, she is a homely look girl but she smiles all the time. Thats why people like to stay with her. I ask her how could she look so happy all the time. She tells me that she wouldnt remember bad things for a long period. When she felt bad, she will choose to think about the happy hours. I realize the way to seeing things decides our mood. Life is short, while most people are stuck in few sad things and ignore the most happy hours. So I choose to remember the happy time and live the easy life.