时代英语·高一 2020年1期


The day I received my letter of acceptance to New York University, I was extremely excited. It was my dream university, and my1were pleased for me. But they also hadnt2me to get into such a competitive school. In fact, the best thing they ever did for me was to3me doing things4—indeed, when I was in elementary school (小學), they offered to buy me a present5I got a C.

It6when I was in the third grade. An only child in an Asian family, I had just7with my family to Los Angeles. Months into the third grade, I developed a strong feeling of8about getting bad grades. Seeing my anxiety, Dad said, “Kate, tell you what. If you get a C or9 , Ill buy you a present. If you score higher than that, I wont buy you anything, because you wont10it.”

Clearly dad wasnt the11Asian tiger parent, pressuring me to work tirelessly for the best12 , and neither was my mom. They didnt want to push me. They wanted me to be13and healthy. Dads14of a “failing grade” gift15removed (消除) my worries and pressure. Whats more, I16getting As and Bs throughout high school, but without the added stress and fear of failing. I think it was my parents lack of stress on grades that gave me17to encourage my own desire for achievements.

I now realize I was18when I thought I didnt receive a present from my dad that day. He gave me two invaluable

19 : the space to develop my own desire for excellence, and the healthy mind to20it.

1. A. friends B. classmates C. parents D. relatives

2. A. wanted B. pushed C. advised D. helped

3. A. prevent B. keep C. drive D. suggest

4. A. perfectly B. quickly C. carefully D. proudly

5. A. though B. if C. unless D. before

6. A. came B. appeared C. remained D. happened

7. A. traveled B. moved C. returned D. left

8. A. worry B. embarrassment C. satisfaction D. anger

9. A. higher B. less C. more D. lower

10. A. accept B. receive C. need D. make

11. A. normal B. typical C. general D. common

12. A. fame B. subject C. majors D. grades

13. A. energetic B. smart C. excellent D. happy

14. A. offer B. supply C. thought D. rule

15. A. clearly B. amazingly C. interestingly D. lately

16. A. held on B. turned out C. ended up D. set about

17. A. hope B. time C. room D. choice

18. A. shocked B. unfortunate C. puzzled D. mistaken

19. A. gifts B. lessons C. tools D. experiences

20. A. track B. catch C. achieve D. face


Its not often1(sun) in Paris,2people still love to walk along the banks of the Seine River. They love the view of the citys old buildings, especially Notre Dame Cathedral (巴黎圣母院) and the world-famous Eiffel Tower, both of3have become the iconic (象征性的) symbols of Paris for hundreds of years.

4(fortunate), that view has been forever changed. On April 16, 2019, a fire5(destroy) the spire of the 850-year-old cathedral, and two-thirds of the roof. The fire shocked Parisians. Citizens gathered around the giant church, singing hymns (圣诗) and6(pray) for the hundreds of firefighters who fought the flames.

The church is not only a historical treasure, but also home to many religious7(sculpture). Despite8(it) long history and many treasures, at first the cathedral needed the help of a writer9(become) world-famous. It is Victor Hugos novel, The Hunchback of Notre Dame,10reminded people how beautiful the Cathedral was. We hope the historic building can be reconstructed soon.

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