Optimization Reform of Education Mode for Dissertations of New Media Majors in Application-oriented Universities


校园英语·上旬 2020年2期

Guo Rongchun

【Abstract】 Some measures to optimize education mode were proposed from four aspects based on current development situations of new media majors in application-oriented universities in China. These measures could help students majored in new media of application-oriented universities to design their dissertations.

【Key words】 application-oriented universities; new media majors; dissertations; optimization reform

【作者簡介】Guo Rongchun, a female Chinese born in Xian City, Shaanxi Province on February, 1983. She has a master degree and now is a lecturer in the Digital Media Arts College of Xian University of Posts and Telecommunications. She is engaged in studies on network and new media, and digital media.

【基金项目】Research on major theoretical and practical issues of the 2019 academic community in Shaanxi Province (2019Z128); Shaanxi Provincial Association for the Promotion of Public Science Quality Project Shaanxi Branch Xiefa (2019) Puzi 21:27; Shaanxi Provincial Social Science Fund Project ( 13N102); Shaanxi Province Innovation Capacity Support Program.

1. Train innovation ability of students to assure originality of their dissertations

1.1 Daily teaching activities shall pay attentions to train students habit of independent thinking, urge students to accomplish design tasks independently and stimulate their potentials of innovation gradually. Professional teachers shall try to help students to get rid of imitation timely, and completely eradicate imitation and copy by adopting appropriate rewards and punishments, such as praising and giving additional credits or some reputation for original works, but criticizing and punishing imitated and copied works to some extents.

1.2 Innovation in topic selection is very important during instructions to dissertations. Tutors shall attach high attentions to early guide and encourage students fully based on observation to contents and tasks of dissertations.

2. Stimulate students interest in learning and train their professional attitude

2.1 Train students ability of observation and stimulate their interest in learning. Many inspirations are from accumulation of life observation. In practical teaching, teachers shall guide and motivate thinking of students consciously and guide them from simple analysis of finished works to observation of practical objects.

2.2 Strengthen intuitive teaching and increase learning enthusiasm. During teaching activities, teachers can add scenario design in classrooms to strengthen interaction with students and achieve atmosphere climax in classrooms.

2.3 Students are allowed to select topics freely in accordance to their thinking and interests. In topic selection for dissertations, teachers can follow the thinking mode and interests of students majored in arts.

3. Pay attention to professional practices and lay foundation for dissertation design

3.1 Participating in competition of art design. Similar with other science and engineering majors in application-centered universities, students shall combine dissertation design of new media with various competitions of art design. On the one hand, competition of art design can help students apply the learned knowledge in practices. On the other hand, it helps students to maintain enthusiasm of creation. Besides, tutors can accumulate experimental teaching experiences gradually and improve the practical teaching level.

3.2 Participate in practical projects. Dissertation of students majored in new media can use various practical projects at all levels and tutors can combine their scientific research projects with dissertation design to help students understand research goal and operation mode of projects, and thereby train students in practical working ability. Topic of projects is characteristic of strong practices, extensive knowledge scope and high social approval. Students can get a more profound experience of practical significance of dissertation design through these practical projects.


[1]Wang Ruohong. Innovation Reform on Topic Selection of Dissertation for New Media Majors in Engineering Colleges[J]. Beauty & Times (First Half),2012,1:121-123.


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