Under the background of new curriculum English grammar teaching should be strengthened in high school


校园英语·下旬 2019年12期

【Abstract】Focusing on the language communicative competence of quality education, English grammar teaching should be combined with communicative language courses, which should adhere to the principles of language learning.Teachers in this process have to pay attention to the combination of communicative approach and traditional teaching method, and meanwhile highlight the specific requirements of grammar teaching .

【Key words】Grammar Teaching; New Curriculum; Principles


I. Requirements for grammar teaching in the New English Course

The New Curriculum Standard shows that the basic knowledge of English language is vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, function and subject included. Grammar teaching requirement in the new English curriculum standard of senior high school is to attach importance to grammar, however, grammar learning is not the final goal, but the means instead. The New Curriculum Standard advocates that Grammar teaching should strengthen students practical consciousness from the perspective of use, not be limited within the category of grammar itself. Nowadays, task-based teaching model has been paid much more attention. Grammar teaching aims to apply grammar into expression .

II. Current situation of English grammar teaching in high school.

1. The English class is really student-centered, and the performance is heard throughout the class. However, the teacher who is a “director” has little grammar knowledge explanation in class; meanwhile the students who complete certain tasks are the “an actor”.2. Though most of the old teachers have a good teaching level and experience, due to the limitations of the examination system and the increasing pressure on schools, the traditional teaching method is long-term used by them. In recent years, the young teachers who have just been on the platform without more experience, and it is not easy to cope with the new teaching materials. It turned out to be the same as the old teacher.3. Many students are used to passively accepting the language points in the classroom.

III. Principles and Precautions of English Grammar Teaching in High School.

1.principles of English grammar teaching in senior high schools. (1)Progressivity. In grammar teaching, it is necessary to pay attention to the breadth and depth, and we should not try to work hard for the so-called systematicness of knowledge blindly.(2)Differentiation. In English teaching, teachers should distinguish grammar items and treat them differently. Common grammar items should be practiced in detail . For easy-to-understand items, repeated practice is required until the habit of proper and skilled use is formed.(3)Pertinence. The English grammar and the Chinese grammar are from two kinds of different grammar systems, So, this need teacher carefully analyze the teaching materials in the teaching, and compare the English and Chinese grammar system and preventing them from taking the wrong place.

2. Matters needing attention in English grammar teaching in senior high schools. (1)Communicative and traditional methods. Grammar teaching is an important link to train students communicative competence. Mastering grammar is beneficial to the accuracy of language, and the improvement of accuracy will also promote fluency. our teaching needs to walk out a new way in line with our reality.(2)The appropriate concentration. It is the content of the grammar teaching, the concentration of material, the concentration of time, the concentration of all means and methods, so as to arouse the enthusiasm of the students to study.(3) Highlight the key points. In grammar teaching, teachers should highlight the key points and not allocate time and energy equally.(4)Grammar teaching should be combined with communicative practice. All kinds of grammatical forms serve the actual expression. When teaching a grammar item, we should talk about its practical application and put it in context as much as possible.(5) Distinguish the requirements and grasp the key points. The New Curriculum Standard compiles teaching materials based on function, disrupting the system of grammar itself. This requires teachers to read through the teaching materials, clarify the key points and difficulties, and treat all kinds of knowledge points and grammatical phenomena differently.


[1]Zhang jianzhong, D. English Educational Psychology[M]. Beijing: police officers Education Press, 2000 (3): 6-10.


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