时代英语·高二 2019年7期


1—5      BBAAB 6—10    BCCCC 11—15  BCBCB

16—20  ACBAA 21—25  CADDC 26—30  ABCDA

31—35  CCBDB 36—40  CFAGB 41—45  DABAB

46—50  ACCCD 51—55  ABDBA 56—60  CBCBD

61. Living    62. teenagers    63. but/except    64. wanted

65. disappointed    66. so    67. to worry    68. the    69. happily

70. has been influencing


In the afternoon of May 25th an charity sale was held by the


Student Union on our school playground. Although it was hard work, but students actively took part.

In order to organize it successful, we made full preparations.


After the sale, we collected various use books from the students, and

Before                 used

second-hand goods which were still in good condition, and classified them. When the day came, students and teachers all came and took

∧active part in it. At the end of the activity, we raise 5,000 yuan in

an    raised


All the money we raised will go to the students from poor family in our school to help finish our studies. Its so a meaningful

families                their    such

activity that students are all looking forward to the next charity sale.

One possible version:

Dear Li Hua,

Im so glad to hear from you. British English and American English are different in many ways. The most obvious part is the vocabulary. Sometimes different words are used to refer to the same thing. For example, in America, people use “automobile” “freeway” and “gas” while in Britain people use “car” “motorway” and “petrol”.

The two varieties differ in spelling and pronunciation, too. American spelling seems simpler. The words “centre” “colour” and “programme” in British English are spelt as “center” “color” and “program” in American English.

These are the main differences between British English and American English. I hope my information is useful to you.

Hope everything goes well.

Yours truly,


1—5      ABACA 6—10    CBACB 11—15  AACBB

16—20  CABAB 21—25  BAAAB 26—30  BDBBC

31—35  AACAD 36—40  GEBAD 41—45  CABCC

46—50  DACAD 51—55  CCCAD 56—60  BDACD

61. the    62. is destroyed    63. builds    64. crops    65. him

66. perfect    67. to leave    68. in    69. taking    70. which


I am anxiously expecting your letter, and at last it reached you. I

was                                                                                      me

am very glad now to know that everyone at home are enjoying good


health as usually. Things here are∧same as they were before. The

usual                              the

final examination will take place in next week, so I am now busy with


preparing my lessons. Its nice to think that the summer vacation is

coming near. I cant say how many I want to see you all again. I am


looking forward to spend the summer days with you. Give my loves to

spending                                                         love

Father, Mother and the others at home.

One possible version:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Im writing in response to your advertisement for a temporary position as a shop assistant. My interest in selling goods contributes to my qualification for this job. Now let me introduce myself first.

Im a 16-year-old student and will be able to work during the summer holiday. I dont have any experience but Im interested in this career. Im fluent in both Putonghua and spoken English. Besides, Im good at computer. Whats more, I am energetic and hard-working. I am outgoing and I can get along well with others.

I would be very grateful if you give my application strong consideration and offer me an opportunity for a personal interview at your convenience.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ping

1—5      BCBAA 6—10    CABAA 11—15  CBBAB

16—20  ABCAB 21—25  ACDDA 26—30  BDBDA

31—35  BADCB 36—40  DBCGF 41—45  ADCBD

46—50  CABAC 51—55  DBCAC 56—60  DACBB

61. beginning    62. it    63. are becoming/have become    64. choice    65. whose    66. names    67. are allowed    68. from    69. previously

70. traditional


Last month my husband and I bought our two-year-old daughter a little dog. There were not many children of her age there we lived,


and we thought a dog would make her more lonely. We were right.


They play together happily all day long. Our daughter now smiles


and laughs a lot more than she used∧. In a way it is like having two


children in the house. All of them are very unclean, but they cry

Both                                             and

when they do not get what they want. The dog is easy to look after


than my daughter. He always eats up all his foods and we dont have


lots of dirty clothes to wash. My husband is also happy because of I

have given up smoke. The dog doesnt like the smell.


One possible version:

The Value of Books

People often say that gold and silver are very valuable things in the world. In my opinion, books are more valuable than anything else.

Books are our friends. They introduce us different kinds of knowledge. And if we feel lonely or unhappy, we always can find comfort in them.

Books are also our teachers. They teach us truth, science, literature, and philosophy of life. Besides, they increase our knowledge, enlarge our experience, strengthen our character and do many other things which we cant do without them.

Books tell us what is right and what is wrong. And books can also tell the good from the bad clearly.

Therefore to read more books is the best policy for our young students.

1—5      BBAAB 6—10    BCABA 11—15  CCACA

16—20  BCBAA 21—25  CBCDD 26—30  BABCA

31—35  ACBBC 36—40  DGCFA 41—45  BADAC

46—50  CDABD 51—55  BCBAD 56—60  CACDB

61. who/that    62. his    63. if/whether    64. Excited    65. filled    66. Seeing    67. permission    68. to leave    69. As    70. is made


Our school organized an activity to climb Mount Tai last week. The majority of my classmates joined∧the activity. Early in the morning,


we head straight to Mount Tai. We set out for the top in high spirits


when the moment we arrived at the foot of the mountain. In a course


of the climb, we cooperated with each other to pass the rocky and steep areas. Laughing and cheering, we eventually reached the summit, which we enjoyed the bright sunshine and fresh air. Viewing

where   Viewed

from the top, the city was beautiful. We entertained us with stories,


songs, dances and game. This event was extreme beneficial. Therefore,

games                        extremely

we strongly suggest that similar events are held every year!


One possible version:

Dear Lucy,

Id like to invite you to join us for a visit to the nearby nursing home next Saturday for the Double Ninth Festival. It is the day for the elderly in our culture. Well go and make dumplings and cakes with the elderly people there. Well also spend some fun time together singing, dancing and playing games, which we hope will make them happy. We will leave for the nursing home at 9 am and return at around 4 pm by bus. If you are able to come with us, please let us know and well wait for you at the school gate.

Looking forward to your reply.


Li Hua

1—5      ABCAC 6—10    CBBAB 11—15  CBCBA

16—20  BACCA 21—25  BDBDA 26—30  BCDBD

31—35  ACCDA 36—40  BACEF 41—45  BBCBA

46—50  ACABC 51—55  ADABB 56—60  BCDCC

61. illnesses    62. mainly    63. which    64. Smoking    65. that    66. caused    67. to fight    68. of    69. importance    70. will be solved


In the past my hometown was used to be a beautiful place. Thick

trees and green grass could be seeing everywhere. In order to build


more house and grow more crops, people cut down more and more


trees. With time go by, the whole forest were almost destroyed.

going                                   was

Gradually the green hills have changed into wasteland. As a result,

sandstorms struck us now and then, from which we suffer a lot.


However, I do hope all the people should realize the terribly result of

Therefore                                                                     terrible

not caring about our environment. Whats more, they should take


good care of the forests and plant trees instead∧cutting them down


to improve our living conditions.

One possible version:

Hello, dear friends. I feel very glad to introduce the Spring Festival to you.

Its a time for the family reunion. All the family members try to come back to get together with their family. Usually therell be a big dinner on the New Years Eve. Everybody will be happy to eat, drink and have a wonderful time together.

On New Years Day, people will get up early, visit and give their best wishes to their relatives and friends, make phone calls or just send short messages. Children are always the happiest because they can usually get some money as a gift.

I do hope you can have an opportunity to celebrate the Spring Festival in China.

Thats all. Thank you!

1—5      CCBAA 6—10    BBCAA 11—15  BCCCA

16—20  BBBAC 21—25  CCDCA 26—30  BADAD

31—35  ABCDA 36—40  EDGAF 41—45  ABADC

46—50  ABDCC 51—55  ABDCD 56—60  BABDC

61. a    62. spoken    63. in    64. helpful    65. to memorize    66. their    67. If    68. advice    69. are studying    70. writing


WeChat is becoming popularly with people. I had already made

popular have

a survey among my classmates about the use of WeChat. According to a result, 45% of the classmates admit they often use it because


comparing with other means of communication, WeChat has more


advantages. Its cheap, convenient but easy to send all kinds of message

and                messages

around. However, 35% of them is against using it, saying it will affect


their study. Never using WeChat, the rest of the students have no

opinion about them. As far as Im concerned, since WeChat offers us


great convenience, it should be made good use∧. But we shouldnt


let it to govern our minds and behavior.

One possible version:

Dear Peter,

I am exceedingly delighted to hear from you. You asked me in your last letter about the physical exercise in our school and the following information may give you a rough sketch.

To begin with, a fabulous new stadium has been built up, which has become the new landmark in our school. Moreover, with the stadium set up, a wide range of sports events are able to be held, of which ping-pong, football as well as running competitions enjoy great popularity. As for me, Im intoxicated with basketball since it has been giving me strength to confront the challenges in my life.

All in all, I sincerely invite you to come to our school and see for yourself.


Li Hua

1—5      BBABA 6—10    CABCA 11—15  ACCBC

16—20  ABAAC 21—25  BACCB 26—30  DADBC

31—35  ACAAD 36—40  GBCED 41—45  BACDA

46—50  ACDBB 51—55  ABCAC 56—60  DBCDD

61. telling    62. to    63. weight    64. what    65. seems

66. balanced    67. regularly    68. stores    69. which    70. helpful


I have planned to join in our college basketball team next year.

So I am spending as more time as I can with other people who


likes to play basketball now. They are teaching him the most important

like                                                                    me

rules and skills of the game, and I am getting better all∧time. We have


a neighborhood team who plays against other teams in the area. One of


my neighbor is helping the rest of us improving our skills. Tonight we

neighbors                                        improve

are played against one of the best teams in the city, and I think we


can beat them if we wont make any mistake.


One possible version:

Recently, our class have had a heated discussion about whether the zoo should be moved out of the city.

Some of my classmates are in favor of the move. They say large crowds of tourists to the zoo will result in traffic jams. They also say that once moved, animals will have more space and better living conditions in the suburbs.

However, other students are against the idea. They say it will take much time for many animals to get used to new living environment and whats more, moving the zoo may cause the death of some animals.

I agree to moving the zoo out, for the animals can live in a larger and more comfortable place.

1—5      BABAC 6—10    ACBAB 11—15  BACBB

16—20  AACBA 21—25  ACDCB 26—30  DABAA

31—35  DBACD 36—40  DEGBA 41—45  ADBDC

46—50  CAACD 51—55  BCADB 56—60  BACBD

61. has been    62. types    63. to help    64. on/upon    65. greatly    66. allowing    67. it    68. difference(s)    69. who    70. understands


Now many students are on the sports field, take part in all kinds


of sports. A ball game is going on among Class 1 and Class 2. Do you


see the students over there? Some young boys is practicing the high


jump. One of them is a best high jumper in our school. He practices


very hardly every day. He wanted to break the school record at the

hard     wants

sport meeting next spring. In this corner of the field, you can see


others group of students. Their teacher is telling them how∧do better.

another              to

Our students love sports. They want to keep fit so as to serve for their


One possible version:

I would like to be a volunteer in my spare time and do whatever I can to help all the people in trouble. My reasons are as follows:

First, it is a good virtue to help others. If there are volunteers, we can get help in case we get into trouble. More importantly, we can make the world a better place to live in by volunteering to help each other. Secondly, we are able to better ourselves by helping others because we can get valuable experience and build up our confidence while serving others. Whats more, volunteering makes us feel better about ourselves, making our life more enjoyable.