新目标英语七年级(上)Unit 5 STEP BY STEP 随堂通


中学生英语·阅读与写作 2019年10期

Section A


(    )1. I dont have ________ orange. Jane ________ one.

A. a; has       B. a; have       C. an; has       D. an; have

(    )2. —________, whats the time?

—________, I dont know. I dont have a watch.

A. Excuse me; Sorry B. Excuse me; Excuse me

C. Sorry; Sorry             D. Sorry; Excuse me

(    )3. Lets ________ and ________ football on the playground.

A. to go; to play   B. go; play       C. to go; play         D. go; to play

(    )4. —Do you like math?

—Yes, its ________.

A. boring         B. not interesting       C. fun       D. difficult

(    )5. —Lets play computer games.

—That ________ good!

A. looks       B. watches       C. sounds     D. has


I have    1    uncle. He likes    2    very much. He    3    soccer, baseball, volleyball, basketball, and so on. He plays baseball and basketball very    4   . He likes to    5    the sports games    6    TV. He plays sports    7   . He often says, “Lets    8   ...” He    9    two clubs: a basketball club and a baseball club. He    10    a sports collection. He has 12 tennis rackets, 10 baseballs, 3 volleyballs, 2 basketballs and one soccer ball.

(    )1. A. a B. an C. the D. is

(    )2. A. vegetables B. books C. music D. sports

(    )3. A. loves B. have C. joins D. play

(    )4. A. much B. more C. well D. good

(    )5. A. play B. plays C. watch D. watches

(    )6. A. in B. on C. to D. of

(    )7. A. everyday B. some day C. every day D. someday

(    )8. A. plays B. play C. playing D. to play

(    )9. A. joins B. plays C. asks D. takes

(    )10. A. have B. has C. doesnt have D. dont have


On Sunday Ken often goes to swim in the lake near his house. This time (这次) Ken goes to swim, and his dog wants to go there, too. So the dog goes to the lake after Ken.

Ken doesnt want to take him. “Go home!” says Ken. “You cant swim.” But the dog doesnt go home. He goes to the lake, and jumps into (跳進) the water. He swims beside Ken.

(    )1. Does Ken often go to swim on Sunday?

A. Yes, he does.     B. No, he doesnt.     C. Yes, he is. D. No, he isnt.

(    )2. Does Ken have a dog?

A. Yes, he have.   B. Yes, he has.       C. Yes, he does. D. No, he doesnt.

(    )3. What does the dog want to do?

A. It wants to go to the lake with Ken.         B. It wants to eat something.

C. It wants to play with other dogs. D. It wants to play in the lake.

(    )4. Ken ________ want to take the dog.

A. dont         B. doesnt         C. cant D. isnt

(    )5. Can the dog swim?

A. Yes, it can.       B. No, it cant.         C. Yes, it does. D. No, it doesnt.


My name is Thomas. I    1    two good friends at school. They    2    Jenny and Paul. We like sports.

Jenny is    3    girl. She likes playing tennis very much. She thinks it is    4   . She often plays tennis after    5   . And she can play it very well. Look!   6    is a tennis ball on her desk.

Paul is a boy. He    7    from Canada. He likes playing basketball very much. He thinks it is    8   . He doesnt like playing tennis and he thinks it is boring.

I like playing tennis,    9    I like playing basketball, too. We play sports    10   .

(    )1. A. have           B. has         C. am         D. is

(    )2. A. is             B. am         C. are         D. be

(    )3. A. a             B. an           C. the         D. /

(    )4. A. interesting       B. boring       C. happy       D. difficult

(    )5. A. classroom       B. school       C. library       D. home

(    )6. A. There           B. They         C. These       D. Those

(    )7. A. am             B. is           C. are         D. /

(    )8. A. fun             B. difficult       C. boring       D. bad

(    )9. A. but             B. and           C. or         D. /

(    )10. A. every day       B. a day         C. day         D. one day


My name is Alan. I have three good friends. They are John, Bob and Anna. We all like sports very much. My favorite sport is baseball. I think playing baseball is very interesting. John doesnt like playing baseball. He thinks it is boring. His favorite sport is soccer. He plays soccer every afternoon. Bobs favorite sport is basketball. Anna is a nice girl. Her favorite sport is vol-leyball. She plays it very well. Its relaxing for her to play volleyball. But I dont like it. Sports are good for us.

(    )1. Alan and his friends all like                .

A. football            B. basketball C. volleyball D. sports

(    )2. Alan thinks playing baseball is                .

A. boring              B. interesting C. difficult D. easy

(    )3. Johns favorite sport is                .

A. soccer          B. basketball C. baseball D. volleyball

(    )4. Bob thinks playing                 is interesting.

A. baseball        B. basketball C. soccer D. volleyball

(    )5. For Anna, playing volleyball is                .

A. interesting      B. boring C. fun D. relaxing


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