汉语世界(The World of Chinese) 2019年5期

On August 5, a same-sex couple became the first in Beijing to be named each others legal guardian, joining a small but growing number of LGBT couples in a handful of cities who have adopted this solution to the lack of recognition for same-sex marriages in China.

Mutual guardianship provides some benefits similar to those obtained through marriage, such as the right to make medical and financial decisions for a partner in case of emergencies. Before 2017, only the disabled and those over the age of 60 could become legal dependents, but now all adults may apply—though Sohu News reports that most public notary offices refuse applications by same-sex couples.

A poll on Weibo showed that 56,000 users supported allowing same-sex couples to register as legal guardians, while just under 7,000 disagreed. One user hailed the news as an encouraging step, “I suddenly feel like the futures bright again.”– SAM DAVIES