Body languages in English teaching


新教育论坛 2019年14期


With the change that test-education is turning into quality education now,it is necessary that we add English subject to school because it can adjust ourselves to twenty-first century, and make us face the modernization, the world and the future.

English teaching focuses on developing knowledge, building up the language sense and interest and forming the good habit of teaching languages. According to this its methods of teaching are different from Chinese,maths and so on. Facing the features of students ,we should put it main position to build up their interest and use all kinds of the methods of teaching as we can, such as seeing-teaching, situation-teaching, games-teaching and body languages-teaching. We can use all kinds of modern methods to make a relaxing, interesting, living and real language situation.

After acting as the English teaching of school, i have some experiences in use of teachers’body languages carefully. Now, please listen to me about my suggestions in the teaching:

First, body language are necessary in the English teaching of school

Body languages are that people use any part of body to help communication when they are contacting each other. According to this those body languages’ functions of the English teaching of school is clear. Students are not active, they are not in high spirits at the beginning of the class,so we teachers must make them keep on studying by using some methods. For example, teachers let out “be quiet”and then keep quiet, and start studying. Because children can’t understand English very well, body languages of teachers is helpful for them to understand the meaning.

Second, body languages are one of the way that teachers and students,students and students contact each other

If teachers can use body languages in class,they will absorb the attention of students effectively and lift the quality of communication of teachers and students. Teaching in class is a kind of communication between teachers and students. Students’ physiological and psychic features decide the methods of teachers in the teaching. So ,teachers will give students a deep impression if they can react the people and the things in the situation language. This increase the feelings between teachers and students and cause the studying interest of students,gives a good effect on students with the methods and cat as the different person in the situation. And express all kinds of meaning, and display the full ability of teaching.

Third, body languages are helpful to active the class and lift the quality of English teaching effect

Students, aged 12-15,will bring the unhappy feelings and can’t focus on their spirits if teachers repeat no meanings and speak to them for too long. Facing this, it is necessary that teachers use body languages to absorb students’ attention and activate the class in the English teaching. In the eyes of teachers,every action of teachers has its meaning,that teachers speak language companied the expression their ideas and views correctly, and absorb the students’ attention and lift their interests in class. English teaching of class aims at communication, we can use body languages to make the contact action go well. For example,when teaching Daily-work,I choose the body language-teaching to guide students to learn “put on my clothes”, “comb my hair”,”wash my face” and so on,students use their body languages with heavy interest to learn by heart. According to this we can see the seeing-function of body languages.

Although I have made some useful tries, I think all kinds of teaching methods have their features. This needs that we use them properly depending on the situation in our work.


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