时代英语·高一 2019年5期



We have a few travel ideas for people who want to plan for a fun but cheap trip. Our Places to Travel on Your Tax Refund will encourage you to travel in April.


On your mark, get set, go! Were off and running with ideas on where to stay, what to see and what to do if youre heading to the Boston Marathon on April 20. Plan for Marathon Monday and your trip to Beantown with our useful Guide to Boston and Boston vacation ideas.

Indio, California

Hundreds of people will head to Indio, California, for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 10—12 and April 17—19. Its one of the largest music festivals in the US. Artists this year include OutKast, Muse and Arcade Fire. We suggest a visit to Palm Springs if you have time.


Amsterdam is a hot place in April. Locals celebrate Kings Day on April 27. Its one of the worlds biggest street parties, celebrating the Dutch royal house and King Willem-Alexander. April also marks the start of the citys beautiful tulip (郁金香) season. We recommend visitors to take a relaxing walk through Keukenhof Spring Gardens.

New Orleans

Head to the Big Easy to experience the best in music at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, held from April 24 to May 3. This years festival features artists including Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera, Phish and the Arcade Fire. Plan your trip with our suggestions on where to stay, what to do and where to eat in New Orleans.

1. In Boston, what can attract people on April 20?

A. A sports event. B. A music festival.

C. Cheap hotel rooms. D. A free trip to Beantown.

2. If you are a fan of OutKast, where would you most probably go in April?

A. Boston. B. Amsterdam.

C. Indio, California. D. New Orleans.

3. What is Amsterdam most probably famous for in April?

A. A pop concert. B. The sea of tulips.

C. The house parties. D. A comfortable season.

4. When should you go to New Orleans for the music festival there?

A. On April 20. B. From April 10 to April 12.

C. From April 17 to April 19. D. From April 24 to May 3.


12-year-old John Thomas Robertson is a train fan since birth. “Ive enjoyed trains probably since the day I was born,” he told Good Morning America. “When I was very little,” he said, “my grandpa got me a train model. I would just watch it go round for hours and hours.”

When Robertson finally had the chance to ride on a train, he felt great. His journey was so mind-blowing that he couldnt keep it to himself. He decided to take all his classmates to go on a ride with him. When he found that some of his classmates couldnt pay the fares, he spent money he had saved by collecting cans and bottles and raised more than $1,000 for them.

That train was such a happy one that he made it yearly action. “It never gets boring for some reason; its just very fun,” he said. “It really lets people get away from their busy life and have fun.”

Every October, Robertson takes a new group of disabled children to ride the train, but now, he has a problem. Several disabled children were refused because the train was not accessible to disabled people. “He was angry to think that children of his own age couldnt ride a train,” his mother said.

But he wouldnt say no. He recently sent a letter to the train office for help. To his surprise, the leader, Ty Pennington, took the letter seriously. He said that he and his workers would work on making a train accessible to disabled people.

5. Why is it said that John Thomas Robertson is a train fan since birth?

A. His grandpa took him on a train just after he was born.

B. He once took a group of disabled children to ride a train.

C. He was greatly attracted by trains since early childhood.

D. His grandpa once worked on the train.

6. The underlined word “mind-blowing” can be replaced by


A. surprising B. frightening

C. exciting D. disappointing

7. How would the train office improve their work according to Pennington?

A. By getting the train trip to be fun.

B. By reducing the price of train tickets.

C. By sending letters to John Thomas Robertson.

D. By making a train easy for disabled people to take.

8. From the passage we can learn that Robertson is ___ .

A. kind and helpful B. honest and crazy

C. clever but boring D. lazy but kind