时代英语·高一 2019年1期


A provides more than just ideas. Sure, our unique (独特的) and unforgettable gift suggestions are a big part of why people love us, but we also offer endless ideas and tools to make every day a reason to celebrate. Here are our great Christmas gift ideas:

Christmas Gifts for Parents

You love your parents like no one else, and you want to give them something special for Christmas. But what would make their holiday bright? Finding them the perfect Christmas gift will be easy this year, with all our top picks in one place.

Christmas gifts for parents under $45.

Holiday Gift Baskets

The gift basket is a great way to give a gift to a group. Our gift basket ideas come from all the top stores online, so you can easily find everything from fruit gift baskets to wine gift baskets in one place.

Gift baskets under $50.

Ideas for Teens

Trying to find the right gift for a teen? Teens can be a challenge. What do they want? What could they use? They are all unique, but we think weve got something for them, even though they are a special group that are hard to deal with.

Top picks for teens under $20.

The Secret Santa Exchange

The secret Santa is a great way to exchange gifts in the office, when its often impossible to give everyone a present. Weve got an office guide right here to help you find proper gifts for the workplace. And then theres always the gift basket, with things that are sure to please everyone in the office.

Business gifts under $25.

1. Why is popular among people?

A. It offers special gift ideas.

B. It provides endless new gifts.

C. It is organized according to personal taste.

D. It gives people a good reason to celebrate.

2. Whats special about this years “Christmas Gifts for Parents”?

A. The gifts are much cheaper.

B. The gifts make a holiday brighter.

C. The popular gifts are listed in one place.

D. The gifts include top choices from parents.

3. Both “Holiday Gift Baskets” and “The Secret Santa Exchange” ___ .

A. provide gift baskets

B. sell gifts from top stores online

C. have a guide to help people choose gifts

D. are designed for people working in offices

4. What gifts can you buy if you have $50?

A. A Christmas gift for parents and a gift for teens.

B. A holiday gift basket and a gift for teens.

C. A holiday gift basket and a business gift.

D. A gift for teens and a business gift.


Working people often experience a high level of stress because of their tight schedules. The right type of music can help relax the mind, promote healthy blood pressure and in general help promote the right mental state for people to remain relaxed and focused—even at work. Because there is such a strong connection between mood and health, musics positive effects may even promote healthier bodies. Early people may even have established music and musical events for some of these same reasons.

While plenty of doctors go through years of training to understand how to use music in the best ways to benefit their patients, most of us can still benefit from instinctive self-therapy (自我療法) using music to help quiet down and focus our own minds.

In the workplace, music has a bad reputation (名声) as a distraction that affects productivity (生产率) and reduces healthy, timely communication between workers—but this is not necessarily the reality. Studies show that people who use the Internet properly to listen to music heavily are often more, not less productive than those who use it very little. For reasons that arent completely different, music has also been shown to help us make smarter choices and do better at work in general.

The key is to choose music that contributes positively to a healthy work rhythm (节奏) and positive, energetic state of mind without becoming annoying or drawing our focus too heavily from where we want it to be.

5. What does the underlined word “promote” in Paragraph 1 probably mean?

A. Change. B. Set.

C. Encourage. D. Replace.

6. What does the writer mainly want to tell us in Paragraph 3?

A. Music is becoming popular among workers.

B. Music affects timely communication between workers.

C. Music is played in the workplace to keep people quiet.

D. Music helps us make smarter choices and do better at work.

7. What are people advised to do in workplace according to the last paragraph?

A. Keep a positive, energetic state of mind.

B. Listen to a healthy work rhythm.

C. Choose proper music to listen to.

D. Focus on music more.

8. What does this passage mainly talk about?

A. Music helps us to remain relaxed.

B. Music has a connection with health.

C. Music makes people more productive.

D. Music is used by doctors to treat patients.


Jay—A Revolutionary Musician