时代英语·高一 2019年1期


New rules and behavior standards for middle school students came out in March. Middle schools are going to use a new way to decide who the top students are. 1 They will also be kids who dont dye their hair, smoke or drink. The following are some of the new rules.

Tell the truth. Have you ever copied someone elses work in an exam? 2 Thats not something an honest student should do.

Do more at school. Good students love animals and care for other people. April is Bird-Loving Month in China. Is your school doing anything to celebrate it? You should join! 3

Be open to new ideas. Have you ever thought that people could live on the Moon? Perhaps youll discover Earth Ⅱ someday. Dont look down on new ideas. 4 You should welcome them.

Protect yourself. Has someone ever taken money from one of your classmates? Dont let it happen to you. If you have to go home late, you should let your parents know.

Use the Internet carefully. The Internet can be very useful for your studies. But some things on the Internet arent for kids, so try to look at web pages that are good for you. 5

A. Dont do it again!

B. Everyones ideas are important.

C. You can use the web for fun or homework.

D. The best students wont only have high marks.

E. Students should study hard and exercise often.

F. Students have the right to disagree with the teacher.

G. In that way, you can learn more about animals and how to

protect them.

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The accident happened on a September night in 2013. A vehicle struck my car from behind while I was 1 home. At the hospital, the doctors 2 I was a quadriplegic (四肢癱痪者) and told me I wasnt going to be able to 3 anything from my neck down. I had lost the 4 of almost every muscle and was very weak.

I 5 that my life was different. My head 6 like a heavy ball and I couldnt hold it up. I was unable to use a phone, and unable to 7 or wash myself. I couldnt grasp anything: a fork or spoon was too 8 to pick up.

However, I saw a glimpse (一瞥) of 9 and was inspired by other patients with 10 like mine in the recovery center. The first year was slow and I didnt see much 11 . But I had to learn to be 12 with myself and to enjoy every 13 going forward. I was determined to walk again, so giving up was no longer a(n) 14 . I struggled hard on my recovery and still do to this day. Im now moving my 15 and arms on my own, doing things like swimming and yoga. All of this is 16 my doctors wrong, and is turning the page from the impossible to the possible.

My family, friends and team encourage me to 17 to work harder. I believe that this difficulty is an opportunity to 18 and become stronger. Im sure my story will inspire others not to 19 . If I learned one 20 from my car accident, its this: Never give up on hope.

1. A. driving B. walking C. running D. staying

2. A. guessed B. experimented C. concluded D. showed

3. A. buy B. move C. lift D. change

4. A. use B. sight C. support D. contact

5. A. bet B. believed C. understood D. realized

6. A. looked B. shook C. held D. felt

7. A. see B. find C. feed D. touch

8. A. heavy B. strange C. small D. large

9. A. courage B. hope C. future D. happiness

10. A. fears B. embarrassments C. disadvantages D. injuries

11. A. movement B. success C. progress D. influence

12. A. satisfied B. patient C. strict D. pleased

13. A. moment B. sight C. result D. sign

14. A. method B. choice C. introduction D. aim

15. A. head B. fingers C. legs D. body

16. A. testing B. pointing C. blaming D. proving

17. A. continue B. stop C. return D. start

18. A. increase B. relax C. grow D. exercise

19. A. slow down B. give up C. carry on D. fall behind

20. A. class B. story C. experience D. lesson