How photography was developed


疯狂英语·新读写 2018年2期

By Rachel Dixon

In 1826,a Frenchman named Niepce needed pictures for his business.But he was not a good artist.So he invented a very simple camera(照相机).He put it in a window of his house and took a picture of his garden.That was the first photo.

The next important date in the history of photography(摄影术)was in 1837.That year,Daguere,another Frenchman,took a picture of his reading room.He used a new kind of camera in a different way.In his picture you could see everything very clearly,even the smallest thing.This kind of photo was called a Daguerreotype.

Soon,other people began to use Daguerre’s way.Travelers brought back wonderful photos from all around the world.People took picture of famous buildings,cities and mountains.In about 1840,photography was developed.Then photographers could take picture of people and moving things.That was not simple.The photographers had to carry a lot of film and other machines.But this did not stop them,for example,some in the United States worked so hard.

Mathew Brady was a famous American photographers.He took many pictures of great people.The pictures were unusual because they were very lifelike(栩栩如生的).

Photographers also became one kind of art by the end of the 19thcentury.Some photos were nor just cookies of the real world.They showed feelings,like other kinds of art.


摄影术180年 静观传承百年的影像视野