时代英语·高一 2018年5期



This is not a diet. Its a simple way to lose weight. And you dont even have to give up the food you love or join a gym. You just follow some habits that lean people have. Keep them, and youll become thin.

1. Wake-up

When you wake up in the morning, sit up slowly without using your hands. With legs straight out, bend (弯曲) forward until you feel sore in your back. It will burn about 10 calories.

2. Start with soup

When you have a meal, order a clear soup, and have it before having the main food. In this way, youll feel fuller, so youll eat less when the main food comes.

3. An apple (or more) a day

Apples are full of fiber (纤维) and water, so your stomach will want less. The study shows that people who eat at least three apples a day lose weight.

4. Stand up and walk around

Every time you use the mobile phone, stand up and walk around. Heavy people sit on average (平均) two and a half hours more each day than thin people. This skill is very important as standing up and walking around will burn 50 or more calories.

Use these skills, and you will have a big weight loss.

1. What does the underlined word “lean” in Paragraph 1 mean?

A. Light. B. Pretty.

C. Thin. D. Healthy.

2. What should you have first if you want to eat less main food?

A. Soup. B. Fruit.

C. Salad. D. Cheese.

3. Why does eating apples make ones stomach want less food?

A. They are tasty.

B. They are too sweet.

C. They are filled with calories.

D. They are full of fiber and water.

4. What is the purpose of the text?

A. To advise people to give up bad habits.

B. To tell people how to enjoy a better life.

C. To advise people to eat apples every day.

D. To give some advice on how to lose weight.


Feel tired lately?Has a doctor said he cant find anything wrong with you?Perhaps he sends you to a hospital, but all the advanced equipment there shows that there is nothing wrong with you.

Then, consider this: you might be in a state of subhealth (亚健康).

Subhealth, also called the third state or gray state, is explained as a borderline state between health and disease.

According to the survey by the National Health Organization, over 45 percent of sub?healthy people are middle-aged or elderly. The percentage is even higher among people who work in management positions as well as students around exam time.

Symptoms include a lack of energy, depression, slow reactions, insomnia (失眠), anxiety, and poor memory. Other symptoms include shortness of breath, sweating and aching in the waist and legs.

The key to preventing and recovering from subhealth, according to some medical experts, is to form good living habits, alternate work and rest, exercise regularly, and take part in open-?air activities.

As for meals,people are advised to eat less salt and sugar. They should also eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish because they are rich in nutritional (營养的) elements—vitamins and trace elements—that are important to the body.

Nutrition experts point out that it is not good to eat too much at one meal because it may cause unhealthy changes in the digestive tract. They also say that a balanced diet is very helpful in avoiding subhealth.

5. According to the text, when you are in a state of subhealth, you should ___ .

A. work in management positions

B. find out the reasons and relax yourself

C. go to see a doctor and buy some medicine

D. have yourself examined by advanced equipment

6. Why may middle-aged people get subhealthy easily?

A. They begin to get older.

B. They have used up their energy.

C. They have lost their living hopes.

D. They bear more pressure in life and work.

7. What is the key to preventing subhealth?

A. Work less. B. Sleep more.

C. Take some medicine. D. Form good living habits.

8. What does the underlined word “alternate” in Paragraph 6 mean?

A. Keep up. B. Take up.

C. Arrange by turns. D. Cause to take place.