An analysis of how to get rid of poverty


智富时代 2018年5期

王青青 张怡 胡慧玲

【Abstract】 Poverty is a big issue and it needs a great deal of determination to strive for it. While there are also some modern designs that escaping concern for the poor. It mentions that it has adverse effect on work incentive and freedom. But it is not reasonable, thus requiring some effective measures to overcome it.

【Keywords】analysis;get rid of ;poverty

1. The definition of poverty

By poverty it means the scarcity or the lack of a certain amount of material possessions or money. Poverty is a multifaceted concept, which may include social, economic and political elements.

2.The denial of concern for the poor

There are also some modern designs that escaping concern for the poor. Here are some examples.

2.1 Adverse effect on incentive

One denial is that proving the welfare will reduce the effort of the diligence and encouraging the idleness of the idle. In terms of this, I find this excuse is distinctly shaking. For considerable number of the poor, they must prefer a good job to a welfare. A good job opportunity comes useful as instruction for how to improve their living standards. I think most of people like to gain skills they need to get a good job and live a happy and fulfilled life. They must know that they can not always get money from the government subsidy.

Therefore, public-assistance measures may have an positive effect on incentive, especially proving a vocational opportunity to the poor.

2.2 Adverse effect on freedom

Freedom of the poor is another cover for denying help. With regard to this point, it looks far less like an opportunity to provide freedom to those in need, but a great deal more like a trap to restrict poor peoples freedom. Freedom is not free. Materialistic reward, certainly, a top priority for people to survive. Without money, nothing can be accomplished. As long as the money is constrained, the people can never be free. If people do not have enough money to survive, they may feel inferior to others, they can also not be free.

It is preferable for the poor to rely on their own notions of significance and make their own judgments. It is preferable for the poor to live off their own working skills and make their own money. So giving freedom to the poor is not an attempt to support them, but a way to relieve of responsibility.

3.The measures of poverty reduction

Poverty is a big issue and it needs a great deal of determination to strive for it. Government or country should set a good example to cross this frontier and tame the challenge. Take Chinese government for instance, they lay down a feasible plan to reduce the poverty.

China has made the biggest achievement in the history of poverty reduction. Rather, it still has a long way to go and here are some specific measures to abolish the poverty.

In legislation, for instance, it should have a legislation of the rural finance of China. Meanwhile, the government should raise the basic medical insurance and serious disease insurance benefits, raising basic pension payments for retirees and basic pension benefits for rural residents. It is a good antidote to helping the poor to meet their basic needs and aspiration for a better life.

There is no doubt that the education also plays an critical role. It is a good idea to promote the integrated development of urban and rural compulsory education, developing fair, high-quality education.

To sump up, the government or country should, in line with economic growth, do more to directly benefit the people and address the difficulties that affect their lives. It must be a long journey to all of us, but I believe that as long as we stand up to it and do not always find excuses for difficulties, then the success will be around the corner.


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