A letter to the young


校园英语·中旬 2018年12期

Dear friends,

I am the best friend of yours,though you have not seen me before.As for me,I know you very well.I am just the one who lives in your heart.

You are in high school now and you have to graduate in about a the process of growing up.You are worried that the college entrance exam is not good.You are worried about the health of your parents.You are worried about getting less contact with your friends.There are a lot of things and people to worry about.

Last week,you came to join the dinner party which prepared for celebrating your sisters finding the first job.Your sister graduated from the best school in this city.When you was a child,you only saw her two times.You dont think about a few years later,she has finished her doctor at the Peking University.Now her job is something she likes.This job has a good salary.If she complete the tasks ahead of time.She may get a two day rest as a reward.This is what may people have been dreaming of.Besides,the companyhas a good environment and the colleagues are very good at quality,they are all humble and knowledgeable.When the relatives and friends say it ,they are all proud of her.

After knowing this thing,you are more worried about your future .The distance from the college entrance exam is getting closer and closer.You are under great pressure.You are afraid that your unstable results will always be so.With the expectation of someone who loves you and your own dream.You have been sticking to it.

In yesterdays English class ,Your Englisn teacher told you about his mother .The mother nurtured three children,when they grow up,three siblings cant accompany their mother due to the cause of work.During the winter vacation,his mother died of illness.The first time you saw the serious English teacher was able to cry.He told you that “Mother is home and father is the sky” to let you cherish your parents and spend more time with them.

Your grandfather died of illness last year.You understand the pain of losing loved ones. Hearing this ,your eyes were wet.Think of what parents do for you and there will be less time with them in the future, you are in a heavy mood.

When writing down this article,you feel like talking to your friends.So you remember not chatting with old friends for a long time.You dont know what they are doing recently.The busy and full life separates you ,you have no idea of when to meet again.

Except these,you know from news and life that enviroment pollution is becoming more and more serious.This has already affected the common people.Although you know its necessary in the process of industrialization ,the earth cant wait any longer.You are afraid you cant wait for the technological strength to change the situation,you have suffered a lot.As a small dust in the universe.Human beings will eventually destroy themselves.

Life is not easy for any of you,you must believe in yourself and be optimistic about your future.You should believe nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it.I wish you a bright future.





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