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It is a fact that there is a close relationship between language and culture. Looking back briefly at what has happened in the field of linguistics, we will find some evidence to support this idea.

a) Language is a special social phenomenon

Language is a special social phenomenon, an important communication tool. Like natural phenomena, language also has a process of product, development and death. Its product and development are related closely to society. On one hand, language cannot exist without society. Language develops and dies as society develops and dies. On the other hand, society cannot exist without language. There is a close relationship between language and society. Language is not only a basic communication tool, but also a special social phenomenon. Its special is that as a tool for peoples communication, language serves for the whole society equally. This tool enables people to understand and adjust all their work in human activities.

b) Language depends on society

Firstly, Language is the product of human society. There is not language without society. To ensure their existence, people must change, adjust to and take advantage of the nature. They work together and constitute the human society. Human language is produced through work. In fact, what kind of language atmosphere he lives, he will obtain and use what kind of language. If an English child grew up in a Chinese atmosphere, he will get the ability to speak Chinese instead of English and vice versa.

Secondly, the progress of society promotes the development of language. With the development of the society, language needs to change to adjust to it. The language is getting more and more accurate, such as the dictionary.

c) The development of society causes the development of language

Language develops and evolutes with the development and evolution of the society. But language changes slowly, it is difficult to observe. The evolution of language usually begins in a certain area or a group of people. In a small and connected society, the spread of language is rarely blocked. But if the region is separated, the evolution of language cannot spread throughout society. With the popularity of the Internet, and the progress of human science and technology, a series of new words arises at the historic moment, such as “nong min gong”, who come from his hometown to the city to earn money are called “nong min gong” because of his position. Language is a mirror to society. Looking through this piece of mirror, people can see all aspects of the social lives.endprint

d) Language is a necessary condition for social development

Language is one of the powers of promoting the development of the society. The product of the language enables the human society to develop from the low level to the high. Without the important communication tool, all activities of the society will stop and even breakdown. During the long history of the human society, people have taken advantages of the language to record and spread their living experience and knowledge to their descendant. So, people can create endless material treasure.

Language plays the promoting role in social product. There are two parts in the social product:material one and psychic one. As we know, material product is always the activity that people work together. During this activity, language is essential. Without language, there is no doubt that society production will stop and collapse. With the development of productive force, the approach to the language spreading changes all the time, which promotes the development of the society product in return. Now let us talk about the psychic part.

Language and Science:Without language, there would be no thoughts or science. Thanks to the language, every invention, imagination adjustment, foresight and analysis would come true.

Language and Literature:”The first factor of literature is the language.” This is a famous saying of Gorky, which makes clear the relationship of language and literature. In the world of literature arts, all types of language play the important role. Its phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics anthropological and etc, form its own style.

In a word, language comes from the society lives, changes with the changes of the society lives, develops with the development of the society lives. Language cannot exist without society is like that society cannot exist without language. There is a close connection between the language and society.





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