Primary and middle schoolEnglish teaching situation


校园英语·下旬 2018年10期

【Abstract】With the implementation of the new curriculum reform, English teaching has changed a lot. There is no daunted but alive class. All the students are the principle part. Preparation, Presentation, Practice, Production and Progress these five-step teaching method has become a conventional teaching mode.

【Key words】Preparation; presentation; practice; production; progress


Ⅰ. Explore the Four-step teaching method to improve the classroom efficiency

1.1 preparation

Preparation is a necessary way to provide a learning atmosphere for importing the new content.

(1)To create an appropriate English learning atmosphere such as free talk, listening to an English song or doing a duty report. These activities are ready for psychological and emotional English learning.

(2)To activate students existing experience, experience and background knowledge, activate the minds of students. It can improve the students interest in learning also it can improve the quality of learning.

1.2 Presentation

Presentation requires the teachers to present new language knowledge clearly and naturally. To make students understand the language material with teachers demonstration, performance, awareness.

1.3 Practice

Attach great importance to the control practice, it guarantees the student to grasp the new linguistic form and form language sense rapidly. To create communicative situation and let the students use the language what they have learned to do things.

1.4 Production

Production is an ability of using, application, generation and development. According to the content of each class, combining the reality of students, we design real, strong operational task activities such as investigation, interview, debate, discussion, games and so on. These activities can help students complete real tasks or projects.

Ⅱ. Conventional teaching mode

Listening and speaking class

Here are the popular steps:

Its suitable for Section A 1a-2d and Section B 1a-1e

1. Teaching aims; 2. Task-based Teaching activities; 3. Teaching Materials; 4. Teaching procedures.

Module 1

Free talk or daily English

Revision or brainstorm

Module 2 Main tasks

Step 1. Speaking talk about the picture in 1a.

Study new language

Step 2 listening

Listen and do 1b

Listen and complete the materials

Listen and repeat

Step 3 pre-listening

Talk about the picture in 2a and 2b.

Step 4. Post-listening

Complete the conversation / order the conversation

Listen and repeat

Ⅲ. The problems and solutions

During the daily teaching procedure, we always meet the following problems:

1. The teaching content is difficult to finish;

2. Many Class activities that we cant distinguish between primary and secondary;

3. There are large amount of new words, the teacher cant grasp the key word, this will cause students left behind.

Solutions: Adjust the teaching content.

One is to adjust the difficulty.

The second is to adjust order. We can according to the students interests and cognitive characteristics, to adjust the order of each unit, if can put the relevant content of integrating unit. It will help students construct knowledge system effectively.

Replace the teaching content. Cut the teaching content when the teaching material content is not close to the actual situation of the students practice is not easy to operate or without the value of thelanguage, teachers can also make necessary cuts on it.of course, these adjustments are based on the English curriculum standard.


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