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Paradise Lost is an epic poem in blank verse written by British poet John Milton in the 17thcentury。John Milton first shapes a negative character Satan as a hero in the field of literature。It subverts the conventional concept and integrates social ideals firmly。Satan is not only an unyielding and rebellious hero but also a degenerate and cunning conspirator。In this story,the formation of the double images of Satan makes the ideological content of the story sublimated。

Satan and his followers intend to fight against God。They hold a meeting to discuss whether to have an adventure at the risk of life or not in order to rebuild their paradise。Satan bravely volunteers to explore the new world race。He insists on being against God on condition that his followers are begging for forgiveness。Even if he would stay in the hell forever,he still keeps an unyielding attitude。Satans rebellion against God symbolizes the negative attitude towards feudalism。Milton expresses capitalist revolutionary spirit through the rebellious hero Satan。

Satan is the Fallen Angel who is serving before Gods seat previously。Desiring to be equal with God,he degenerates into the devil because of arrogance and delusion。He is treated as the origin of evil and dark opposite to God。Against ration and principles,Satan constantly demonstrates a lack of virtue throughout the story because he intends to destroy the good God is trying to create forever。In Miltons story,Satans soul contains strong desire for revenge and Satans heart is full of despair。The complex feelings also lead to the vividness of the role。Since then the degenerate and cunning evil has been born。

To conclude,Satans character contains contradiction mixed with optimism and pessimism。The complex image of Satan shows Miltons political spirit against the feudalism。The unyielding and rebellious hero and the degenerate and cunning conspirator is essential。Hoping to help scholars who are interested in this area,and there are still many deficiencies needed to be constantly improved in future research。





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