A Brief Analysis on Original English Movie Application to English Listening Teaching at Vocational Colleges


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【Abstract】The teaching of English listening in vocational colleges makes use of original English movies for their characters of visualized pictures and sounds. They use the form that students are fond of to learn the cultures and customs of English-speaking countries. This broadens the learners understanding, expands their knowledge, improves their learning interest and stimulates their curiosity and enthusiasm to learn English. From the stand point of choosing original English movies, this paper aims to present how this method would help the teaching of English listening in vocational colleges.

【Key words】English movies; English in vocational colleges; teaching of listening


When teaching English listening in vocational colleges, its pretty common for teachers to find the average student academic ability in the English language is worse than expected. Students also lack the required knowledge of English cultures and customs to have a good understanding of the listening materials. English movies present diverse linguistic content and real conversation which helps students to understand a background knowledge, it also stimulates their enthusiasm to learn.

1. Appropriation

1.1 Positive movies

When it comes to the selecting of original English movies for vocational college students, teachers must follow the principle of selecting positive movies, and help students to adopt an enjoyable way to watch movies. English cinema introduces sensual stimulations with the form of visualized pictures and sounds and present students simultaneously with the culture of English speaking countries. Positive movies create good learning environments, which aids students understanding of cultural appropriation, place students in real language situations to experience the cultural differences between Chinese and the west and improve students English literacy as a conclusion.

1.2 Varied subtitles

The vivid and abundant features of movies results in students enjoyment of both the excellent pictures and sounds, the alternate subtitles helps students to understand correct grammar and dialect, the narrative and expression can deepen students hearing perception, which helps a lot with students to learn pronunciation. Using English movies in the process of teaching, builds an excellent teaching environment, it provides students the chance to imitate the pronunciations and intonations and put them into use afterwards. The application of English movies expands the way we teach English. This manner of teaching method is appropriate for students to improve their English learning interests.

1.3 Correlation of ability

The teachers should take the various abilities of students into consideration, and improve students listening abilities by choosing movies of different emphasis according to their current English understanding. Stratified teaching can be taken by the teachers to choose different movies; students can learn history and culture about western countries through the plots, like, students can learn religious culture by viewing The Passion of the Christ, and American history by watching Gone with the Wind. All these excellent movies have become indispensable when learning Western culture, events in the movies will both help students to gain knowledge of history and give them enjoyment as they are learning English additionally. Movies develop English learning environments, introduce ways to watch and listen, help students to learn English, improve students listening ability and promote the realization of history.

2. Provision of sources

2.1 Assisting student to be taught

The traditional way to teach listening is to teach by presenting students listening material, then students finish the task according what they hear, the teacher checks and analyzes the answers. The repeated drills concludes in students feeling bored and tired, the listening materials played at the language lab can even become lullabies sometimes. However English movies attract students attention with the features of presenting sound and pictures at the same time. Arguably what teachers need to pay attention to is to avoid students getting addicted to the movies themselves and forgetting the purpose of practicing listening. Teachers can set certain questions according to the plots and tell students what they need to be aware of. Watching movies with questions set is good for students to be attentive to the intention of the class and thus be able to participate in class.

2.2 Listening

English movies can be paramount to help students listening ability. Students are immersed listening when they watch English movies, which is the best way to improve ability and memory. Students can practice the idiomatic conversation as many times as they want, which improves their listening and speaking capacities also. The vivid characters and compelling stories attract students to blend into the language environment easily. Movies provide a relaxing English learning environment. Teachers should make full use of the advantages and functions of English to improve students listening ability.

2.3 Inclusive ability

Movies are rich in contents; it provides both language ability and social conditions, national customs, culture and education. The authentic English expressions improve students English competence. Additionally, the teachers can aquire students to read and recite some of the dialogue, every time the students do it, they will remember, which strengthens students understanding and memory. In conclusion, students can not only master a great number of vocabulary and grammar, but also develop their listening, communicative and writing skills.


The teaching of English listening in vocational college makes use of English movies to create an appropriate English learning environment for students. It enhances the students sense of English diction. Its helpful for students to make a full understanding of English speaking countries, such as their life style, the cultural history, geography, customs, ways of thinking and values. Its also exceptional for improving their English listening skills and intercultural communication techniques. It arouses students interest in learning English and eventually promotes the development of students English comprehensive ability. To conclude this theory, English film shows its feasibility, appropriation and effectiveness in teaching English listening in vocational colleges; its of primary importance that we realize the long-term development of students English ability.


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