A Brief Analysis On How To Improve Students’ Participation Enthusiasm In Classroom


校园英语·上旬 2017年3期


For a long time, due to the impact of one-sided pursuit of enrollment rate, our school carry out education closely around a few students whose further studies are expected. Bloom, a contemporary American educator, once criticized, It is a greatest waste to prepare for a small number of students who may reach the highest levels of Education. He made it clear that our education should be for all students and it was the education that all students can participate in.

The current problems affecting students classroom participation enthusiasm are as follows:

One, attaching importance to teaching and despising learning. The classroom teaching still adopted the traditional mode of “cramming”. The teaching process does not attach importance to stimulate students interest in learning, can not effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of students to learn, forcing students thinking activities into the track that teachers had designed.

Two, attaching importance to imparting knowledge imparting and despising ability training. In the teaching activities teachers always put knowledge in the first place. All the teaching measures are to make students accept more, faster, better knowledge. In the teaching, the teachers can not create the problem situation well to urge the students to think actively. For example, in the analysis and study of chemical phenomena and problems, teachers often draw the correct conclusions instead of guiding students to draw conclusions through discussion and active inquiry .

Three, teaching means are single and backward. In the classroom teaching, modern educational technology has not been fully used, the teaching means of a blackboard, a piece of chalk, a book are quite common. The backward teaching methods restrict the improvement of teaching quality and the participation enthusiasm of students.

For, Ignoring the individual differences of students and only facing a small number of students. In the process of teaching, teachers can not implement the principle of individualized, teaching requirements and teaching contents are rigid uniformity. Teaching is oriented to small number of excellent students. Teachers are lack of individual guidance to students, leading to serious differentiation of students. Part of the students with learning difficulties lose their confidence in learning and have a bad feeling about learning.

The student is the subject of classroom teaching, teachers should try to arouse the enthusiasm of the students, stimulate students desire to explore knowledge, change their participation from passive to active, guide them to explore knowledge in a pleasant atmosphere, learn knowledge actively, so as to improve the classroom efficiency.

First, converting the attitude from passive into initiative. Teachers should not be cramming education in the teaching, but take full account of the role of subjective initiative of students, change passive learning into active learning, so that they can find the fun of learning. Only when students think of yourself as the subject of learning, the learning effect can receive the miraculous.

Second, in order to improve the participation enthusiasm of students in the classroom, teachers should set up the problem situation according to the teaching content, stimulating their cognitive interest. For example, in the introduction of the new lesson, in addition to be appropriate to the text theme, Your import sentence group must be novel, and it should be the topic students are interested in, so as to attract students attention.

Third, in the design of the whole class, you have to learn to ask questions, so that students will think along your ideas. And teachers should design activity links, let students really participate in the classroom. Teachers and students can even swap roles, so that students play the role of the teacher to explain the text to other companions. The classroom should be real returned to the students, so that students learn to learn new knowledge with the help of peers.

Fourth, providing students with the opportunity to participate in. Teachers should try to create opportunities for students to practice, through the hands, brain, mouth and other activities, the abstract knowledge should be turned into intuitive content to guide students to participate in the activities of thinking.

Fifth, guiding the students to participate in the group discussion. Group discussion is a common form of classroom teaching. Each person in the group is equal, can express their own views and opinions and accelerate understanding . Group discussion helps to motivate all students to participate, collaborate and communicate. The teacher should pay attention to the encouragement of the students in the group report. When students are actively involved in the activities or answer questions, the teacher should give some encouragement, and let the whole class speak for them and applaud!

In short, there are many ways to improve the enthusiasm of classroom participation, many scholars have made relevant research。Summing up and refining their own teaching, the teachers should actively learn from the experience and practice of others, get rid of the outdated teaching thinking and methods, actively practice the advanced teaching method, and make contributions to the talent training under the new situation.


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