时代英语·高一 2016年5期



Clara Barton was born in Oxford in 1821. Even as a child, she wanted to help others. When she was still a teenager, she became a teacher and taught for about fourteen years. She once taught at a private school where she was paid by the parents, but it made her sad to see other children whose parents could not afford their fees. So she offered to teach those children without paying if the town would provide a place for her to teach. Soon she had 600 students!

When the Civil War started, she wanted to help the soldiers, so she gave up her job. She got permission from the War Department to go to the front line (前线) of the battlefield. She was called the angel of the battlefield. She almost lost her life, but she continued to serve.

In Europe, they had an organization called the International Red Cross. She saw the good work they were doing, and when she returned to America three years later, she began working to get the Red Cross set up in the United States. She gave speeches and talked to people in the government. After eight years of hard work, she set up the American Red Cross and served as its president for 23 years.

At first, the Red Cross only served soldiers, but Clara saw that others needed help when floods, earthquakes, and other disasters happened. Today we see the Red Cross at work when we have disasters. The dedication (奉献) and generosity of one woman, Clara Barton, has had great effects.

1. Why did Clara Barton want to help the children without paying?

A. She wanted to teach more students.

B. She hoped that students could enjoy their school life.

C. She saw some students were too poor to go to school.

D. She hoped that her students could be teachers in the future.

2. We can learn from the passage that Clara Barton ___ .

A. became a soldier during the Civil War

B. was very popular with the soldiers in the battlefield

C. was asked to take care of the soldiers in the front line

D. served as the leader of the Red Cross in America till now

3. Why did Clara Barton decide to set up the Red Cross in the United States?

A. She wanted to be the angel of the battlefield.

B. She got the permission from the government.

C. She hoped to stop the disasters from happening.

D. She saw the good work the Red Cross did in Europe.

4. What is the passage mainly about?

A. Clara Bartons dream.

B. The life of Clara Barton.

C. The duty of the Red Cross.

D. The history of the Red Cross.


What is it that makes a house a home? A home is a place of companionship with people in it who love each other, who are more harmonious (和谐的) and closer inside with family than they are outside with those in the workplace or with classmates at school. A home is a place thats so magnetic (有吸引力的) that its difficult to leave. In a home there is love, sharing and appreciation, and the members help each other.

I have seen families on the street. But if they live, sleep, talk, and eat together, they are a family, even if they are poor. You dont need a roof to make a home. The truly homeless are some of the rich people who build multi?million?dollar houses and are too busy to really live in them. The truly homeless are those who have turned their home into a hotel lobby (大厅). The parents work. The children do wrong. They dont talk and eat together every day. They rarely see each other. The truly homeless people are those with babysitters, caretakers, gardeners and maids. Parents are unaware, too busy making money outside the home that they dont live in. This is another way of looking at the rich and the homeless. Who is to be pitied?

Control of the computer and the Internet is also important to make a house into a home. If the computer is on all the time, the house turns into an office, even if everyone is at home. Many homes these days are just offices. Human communication has stopped. The computer eats up the time that one should be giving to others within the home. Using the computer moderately gives us time for gentleness, play and communication, not with (适度地) a screen, but with a human being.

5. Whats the purpose of the first paragraph?

A. To show the authors idea of home.

B. To tell us what people think home is.

C. To tell people how to have a happy home.

D. To tell us that where there is home there is love.

6. What does the underlined word “those” in Paragraph 2 refer to?

A. Homeless families living on the street.

B. People who have lost their family members.

C. People who build multi?million?dollar houses.

D. People who dont spend time with the family.

7. Which statement is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The rich people live happier.

B. The poorest person cant have a happy home.

C. A home is a place where you are willing to stay.

D. Computers and the Internet are important for a happy home.

8. Whats the best title of the passage?

A. How to Make a House a Home?

B. What Makes a House a Home?

C. Who Are Homeless, the Poor?

D. What is a Home for?