How to get relaxed


世纪之星·交流版 2016年7期


Last Tuesday,we had a discussion about how to get relaxed. Different students had different ideas. Here are the results.

Most of students think listening to the music can help them to get relaxed.Many students think it's relaxing to watch TV or films on the weekends.Some students think talklng to others is relaxing.But a small number of students thinks it's very relaxing for them to have a picnic with their friends and parents in the open air in their free time .

In my opinion ,the best way to relax is playing sports.Because many students study in the classroom the whole day without any exercise.It's bad for their health and also makes them feel blue.We must exercise every day to make a balance between study and sports.It not only makes us relaxed but also makes us healthier.Do you think so?

A Happy Trip

How was you trip? You were so happy,weren't you? So are you interested in my trip? If you don't mind, let me tell you how my trip was.

Last summer vacation, I wanted to do something very special with some of my friends after I finished my summer vacation homework. "Let's go shopping, shall we?" Zeng Yanhong said." No,it was boring.What about climbing Mount Tai? That sounds very exciting!" I said. At last, we decided to climb Mount Tai. We started the trip at 8:00 in the morning and met at our school gate. All of my friends took a big bag that was full of with them.

We saw many people take the cars or buses for travelling. But one of friend of mine thought:"taking a bus or car is so expensive for us. The weather is sunny and war. Let's go there by bike. It can exerciseit is good for our health, and we can see beautiful natural landscape along the way ."We all agreed with her.

At about 9:00, we got to the foot of mountain. Then we took a walk around there. Because of many people, we couldn't climb the mountain easily. I was a bit sad.I looked the wonderful city fro the top of the hill. The grasses were green, flowers were colorful, the air was fresh ang the sky was blue.

"HOW beautiful it was!'Said one of visitor.

In the evening, we ate a tsty dinner. We all took out our food to eat. After that, we sang, danced, played games happily.

Time went by quickly. During the trip, I was happy but a little tired. I want to go there again!



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