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中学生英语·中考指导版 2016年9期

Ⅰ. 阅读理解。

I often hear some students say English

is difficult, and it gives them a headache. So they cant learn it well. But English is very easy for me. Im good at it. Im very glad to tell you something about how I study English.

First, I think an interest in English is

very important. When I was in Grade One, we had a new subject—English. It was fresh for me. I was interested in it, so I worked hard at it. Soon we had an English exam and I got a very good mark. How happy I was!After that, I learned English harder and harder. Our English teacher often teaches us English songs. The songs sound nice. So I often think how interesting English is!

Second, I think since English is a foreign language, I should learn it well in the following ways: Listen to the teacher carefully, speak bravely, read aloud and have a good vocabulary. Then practice again and again, never be tired. And I also have a good habit: Asking whenever I have a question. I must make it clear by asking our English teacher. How happy I am when I understand!

Besides, I often read English stories,jokes and easy novels. From these I know English is not only interesting, but also useful. They help me understand a lot of things. So to do more reading is an important way to learn English well.

And I also do some exercises from our

class magazines, and I often write English diaries. English has become a close friend of mine.

Now I have learned English for more

than two years. I always keep the first position in our school. From these words, I hope every student can learn English well.

1. Why do some students often “have a headache”?

2. According to the writer, what is very impor-

tant when you start to learn English?

3. Why does the writer think English is interesting?

4. How does the writer learn English well?

5. Does the writer often write to foreign friends?

Ⅱ. 阅读理解填词。

Do you know how to study better and make

your study more effective (有效的)? We all know that Chinese students usually study hard for long hours. This is very good, but it doesnt help a lot. If you want to study effectively, you must have enough sleep, enough food, enough rest and e 1 . Every day you need to go out for a walk or v 2 some friends or some nice places. Its good for your h 3 . When you return to your studies, your mind will be refreshed (清醒) and youll learn more and study b 4 . Here take English learning as an e 5 . First you make a lot of progress and you feel happy. Then your language study seems to s 6 the same and you may forget it. This can l 7 for days or even weeks. Yet you neednt l 8 hope. At some point your language study will again take another big jump. Youll see that you really have been learning all the time. If you get enough sleep, food, rest and exercise, studying English can be very effective and interesting. Dont d 9 it along the way. Learn slowly and youre sure to get a good r 10 .

1. e 2. v 3. h

4. b 5. e 6. s

7. l 8. l 9. d

10. r


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