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中学生英语·中考指导版 2016年9期

Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母或英语提示完成单词。

1. The clothes made of cotton feel s______ to


2. Its everyones d______ to protect our environment.

3. The f______ between the Chinese and Koreans will last for ever.

4. The chairperson of the Students Union (学生会) is clever enough to s______ any problems well.

5. U______ you have a map with you, youll lose your way.

6. Too many computer games i______ the students study.

7. The kind-hearted man r______ the orphans

(孤儿) as his own children.

8. The TV programme shows how much danger the wild animals are f______.

9. If you get scared ______ (easy), youd better not watch the horror films.

10. They have discussed for two hours, but

they still have some ______ (agree).

Ⅱ. 单项选择。

( )1. —Dont spend ______ money on such an overcoat.

—I agree. Its ______ expensive for me.

A. too much; too much

B. much too; much too

C. too much; much too

D. much too; too much

( )2. —We dont know ______ stress.

—Dont worry. Lets ask Mr. Wu for some suggestions.

A. how to deal with

B. how to do it with

C. what to do it with

D. what to deal with

( )3. —How do you like your head teacher?

—He is strict ______ himself ______


A. with; to B. with; in

C. to; with D. in; with

( )4. When the man heard his sons words, he became ______.

A. angrily B. unhappily

C. happily D. angry

( )5. It isnt a good way to ______ the cooperation between us.

A. break off B. break down

C. break away D. break out

( )6. —Could you tell me Bills and Kates telephone numbers?

—Sorry. I dont know, but you can ______ in the telephone book.

A. look for them B. look it up

C. look them up D. look up them

( )7. My brother is going to look for another job ______ he gets better-paid.

A. if B. unless

C. when D. except

( )8. English is spoken as ______ language in many countries.

A. second B. the second

C. the two D. a second

Ⅲ. 选词填空。(有一个词组是多余的)

1. Time ______ so quickly. The girl feels that nothing has happened in the past two years.

2. Dont ______ the little boy. After all, he is only five years old.

3. The teacher asked us ______ the new words in the dictionary.

4. How funny my father is!He ______ speak in public.

5. When he dose his homework. He is very careful. He never ______ in it.


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