The happiness of being a teacher


第二课堂(课外活动版) 2015年4期


First of all, Id like to ask you two questions: Are you happy of being a teacher? Are you happy when you spend time with students? Both of my answers are “yes”. Now let me share my happiness of being a teacher with you.

A certain famous person once said, “I am not a poet, a singer or a scientist, but I can train them. Why? Because I am a teacher. I can create a lot of hopes and the children can reflect my value.” I cant agree more. I cant be a director, but my platform is my stage, and children are my audiences. I cant be a pianist, but when I play the piano, the children show their amazement; I cant be a singer, but children are my fans when I sing for them. All of these are what happiness means to me. Now let me share a story with you.

There was a little boy in my class. At the first time I saw him, I knew I had to help him. He had been adopted by a local family since three. He seldom played with his classmates, and when the teachers asked him to answer questions, he always lowered his head without a word. Then I came up with an idea. One day, in my class, I organized a word-guessing competition. I chose the little boy to be the judge, and gave him a professional judges seat. I noticed he was so excited that hed probably never owned anything better in his life. Since then, the little boy gradually became optimistic. Now, every morning, he greets me happily and he would raise his hands initiatively (主动地) and try to give me the right answers when I ask some questions. Not until then did I really realize that love was the best nourishment (養料) of life, even if it was just one drop of water, it could help to make a tree thrive(茂盛).

I am very satisfied for being an English teacher. I am so grateful to have a life that is filled with teenagers love and trust. Nothing can replace my pleasure as a teacher. I am one of the happiest because my students are getting on better and better every day. I appreciate the happiness of being a teacher.


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