Book6 Module1 Small Talk Teaching Plan


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1.The students will learn the features and basic rules and skill s of making small talk

2.The students will make small talk freely.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1

1. Read the 4 definitions:

A. Describe the features of small talk with adj.

(1).______(2).____.(3)._______.(4)_______.(5)._______( 6)._______

B. Where does the small talk happen?

Listen to the recordings and match the conversations with the places. There is one extra place.

at a summer school during a job interview in a business meeting on a boat


C. Pick out the serious conversation topics______________

Career cars examinations film stars music politics sport__travel___weather_________


2. Read the 3 passages about skills of making small talks in your text books:

A. How good are your social skills?

B. Making friends in the USA.

C. The Wrong Kind of Small Talk.

(1)Find out the answers to the questions relevant to each passage.

(2)Try to collect some useful information about the skills of doing small talk.


1. Compare notes with each other for the answers to the questions in students’ book 6 first and find out the most difficult questions to answer.

G1. Introduction

G2. How good are your social skills?

G3. Making friends in the USA

G4. The Wrong Kind of Small Talk

2. Group discussion:

G5. Describe with adj.appearing in this module for the features of good topics of small talk and the ones to be avoided.

G6. List the safe topics of small talk mentioned in Making Friends in the USA

G7. List the dos and don’ts when making small talk.

G8.List with verbs about dos and don’ts while listening during a small talk.

3. What about a highly personally conversation?

Step 3

1. Look through the summary of the basic rules and skills of making small talk. (PPT)

Features of small talk(adj.)

Safe Dangerous (Highly personal)

2. Dos and don’ts while making small talk (verb phrases):

Making Friends in the USA + Introduction Dos Don’ts topics How Good are Your Social Skills + The Wrong Kind of Small Talk Dos Don’ts Listening skills

Step 4 Feedback

1. Pair work Choose a safe topic and make a free small talk with your partner, following the basic rules and skills learned in this module.

2.Role- play: Making a dialogue. (Task 1 on page 14)

A: Asking the teacher for help and advice

B: Apologizingand explaining, for example, reasons for being late or not doing a task

Assessment rubrics:

Points in total G1 G2 G3 Small talk skill Listen-ing skill Body move-ments polite-ness Verbal( spoken)Language

4=Excellent 3=very good

2= good 1=poor


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